All About Me.

I like sports, music and I really like basketball

My Favorite Things

I really like basketball. My favorite team is the Pacers. My favorite player is Kevin "yogi" Ferrel, Shannon Brown and John Wall. I play for the Kentucky Cornels. I'm really good at crossovers. I really like music. My favorite place to be is Orlando's Blizzard Beach. My favorite color is blue. In my spare times I like to play on my ipod.I play a game called Eden. One thing I really like to do is jump off my pool's high dive.

About me

I have red hair and am ten years old. I was born in Indiana and live in Louisville. I like to eat fruit and drink Gatorade. I have a hight of 4'6. I can run really fast. I have an extremly high vertical at 2 feet high. I live in BrairHill. My family is really good at golf. For fun I go to my cousin's house. He is a golfer. I do slam dunks and swim in his pool. I will always play basketball. I also run. My very favorite thing to do is play basketball in my basement. I slam dunk on my friends. I have dunked on about 20 people. That is all about me.

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