28 Pt AVG Small Forward Rookie!

6"5 and ,plays for Kentucky, and will help you get better!

Want to be a better basketball player?

Ever wish your handles were better, ever wished that you could score 3's like it was nobody's business? Well wish no more! For just 9 dollars a millisecond, you can hire me, Qaiz Lebron James, to teach you finominal basketball skills. Wow your friends, amaze your parents, and dominate the court using the lessons, strategies, and tips that I will inform you of!

Skills I Can Teach You

How to shoot 3's

I have alot of experience getting swishes, 2 point jumpers, and 3 point jumpers! I can teach YOU how to shoot fadeaway jump shots, half court 3's, and spin move jumpers! I promise you will be the best point guard anyone has seen with my tips and tricks!

How to drive

I have learned how to be an excellent driver(in basketball), and can teach you how to protect the ball, what moves to make, and the rules of driving! Driving is one of the key elements of basketball and I can help you perfect your skills?

How to dribble

Over my career, I have learnt how to dribble the basketball with excellent handling and extreme skill. I can utilize my knowledge to help improve YOUR handles so you can excel in all aspects of basketball.



I have been in many situations and had many experiences in my life where i was required to work effectively in a team. When I am working with you, I will listen to your ideas, and make sure our conversations and learning are two way so I can facilitate to your needs.


I will do my best, my very best, to motivate you along your journey in becoming the best ball player you can possibly become. I promise to encourage you through your struggles, and pick you up when you are down. I have had much practice with friends, other clients, and family.

-Positive Attitude

It is my mantra to always keep a positive attitude. Having positive energy helps with the above, motivation. It keeps you inspired, it keeps you going, and it keeps you mentally healthy. I will dedicate all my time in helping you and you only, and doing so i will be as positive as possible!

Keep a positive attitude, be happy!

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy

Contact me!

My name is Qaiz Lebron James, and I am currently located in Santa Monica, CA. Do not fret, if you are interested in my valuable lessons, I am willing to travel anywhere in the U.S. to provide you with the right basketball education! I play for Kentucky, where I have learned many things. I am very experienced and hopefully we will be able to meet!

You can even meet one of my students!

On the right is my student, Bob, meeting my most succesful student, Kevin Durant! They had a blast together using the skills i taught them.