Mrs. King and Ms. Craig's News

Week of September 19

What's Going on in Class?

This week in math, your child will be beginning Topic 3. This has to do with multiplication. They will estimate products, learn how to multiply easily by 10, 100 and 1,000, and also learn 3 by 2 digit multiplication. Students will often make careless errors if they are not careful in showing their work, so we will be practicing that. Also, if your child still does not know their multiplication facts, practice at home or please send them to do Big Brainz at 7am some mornings of the week. It is crucial that our students are fact fluent at this point in their academic career. Contact me if you're interested in some fun ways to practice facts at home.

In science, we are continuing our study of matter. Today we are measuring volume in graduated cyclinders. We will be learning more about magnetism, boiling point and melting point, thermal energy and electrical energy as the week goes on. Later in the week, students will create their own new matter invention!

The skill we are focusing on this week in reading is problem and solution. Students will have opportunities to find conflicts and solutions in text, current events, and even come up with their own examples. This skill is going to overlap with our social studies lesson for the week, as we learn about why people settle in certain areas. Students will analyze the reasons for the location of major cities in the United States. Students should continue to read and log their time in their yellow reading log. They are due the first week in October, and will need a parent's signature.

Last week, we worked on adding details to our writing. To practice using adjectives, students looked at different photographs and came up with corresponding descriptive words.

Upcoming Events

9/26-30 Book Fair

9/23 Progress Reports

9/29 Applications and Speeches due for Student Council

9/30 Camp Forms/ $$ due Yellow Form must be notarized by the office.

10/5 Student Council Elections

10/26- 28 Fifth Grade Camp

Fifth Grade Outdoor School- Collin County Adventure Camp

  • Make checks payable to Haggar Student Activity Fund.
  • You can also pay on Paypams with credit card.
  • CASH

**If you are interested in being a cabin counselor and haven't told Mrs. Lyon already( this includes signing your name at PIN night), please email her at Also, please complete a Volunteer background check on the PISD website.