By: Maddie Mason


The Inuit (also know as Eskimos but prefer to be called Inuit ) were very good at surviving in the Arctic. The Inuit didn't waist any of their food. They use the bones for needles. They use the meat for food,the skin and fur for clothes and the tendon for thread.(Tendon is a flexible thin attaching a bone to tissue). That is part of how the Inuit survived.


The Inuit's home land stretches a long way. The Inuit's homeland includes the northeaster tip of Siberia,the islands of the Bering sea,the coastal region of mainland Alaska,the north coast and islands of the Canadian arctic,most of the west coast and part of the east coast of Greenland. The temperatures in the the Arctic rang between -20℉ and -30℉ and the snow fall ranges between 15 inches and 90 inches. That is what the Inuit land is like.


Of coarse like all humans the Inuit had to have a way to get around. The Inuit didn't have a lot of stuff around them to use so they took the stuff they could get. The Inuit took dogs and attached them to sleds. Then the Inuit stand on the back of the sled and take reins. Recently the Inuit have been able to get snowmobiles and stuff like that. The Inuit also use boats. One boat is called the umiak, this boat is used for going out and hunting large sea animals. There is also the kayak. The kayak is used for rivers. That is Inuit transportation


The Inuit made two different kinds of homes. One was for the summer and one was for the winter. The winter one is called the igloo. It is made out of snow. Snow is stacked like bricks.The igloos are warm. The igloos are warm because the Inuit put oil lamps inside. Now you may be wondering why the snow doesn't melt? Well the Inuit took the skin of animals the Inuit hunted and lined the walls of the igloos with them so the heat can't get to the snow. The summer house is built into hills and had animal skin draped on the outside.
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The Inuit had to wear worm clothing to survive in the Arctic. The Inuit clothing included the parka,trousers or leggings,boots,socks, and mittens. They had to wear very warm clothes to survive. The parka is a big coat. They have an inner coat and outer coat


The Inuit didn't have a Wegmans near by. So they had to hunt for food. The inuit hunted whales,seals,walrus,caribou,wolverine,polar,bear,rabbit,fox,fish.They used these animals for houses,clothes,spears,snow goggles,tools,needles,tendon,knives. That is what the Inuit hunted.

Iñupiaq Whale Hunt

Arts And Crafts

The Inuit decorated items. These items include harpoons,tools,snow goggles,whale bone,wood,needle cases,pins, and combs. They also carved stuff. That is Inuit arts and crafts.

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