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Week of: April 27, 2015

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Kona Ice Fun!


April 27-May 5: Second Round of ISTEP (College & Career Readiness Assessment- CCRA) testing during these weeks. (See below for schedule)

May 6: Project ACES day! (All Children Exercise Simultaneously)

May 7: Poetry Cafe--Information will be sent home this week with your child. Please look for this. All who have a background check & the bully prevention training done are welcome to join us and share poetry as well!

May 18-22: Math and Reading Spring NWEA

CCRA Testing Schedule

Mon, April 27-- 9:15-10:00 --Sessions 1a & 1b

Tues, April 28-- 10:00-10:45 AND 1:45-2:30--Sessions 2a & 2b

Wed, April 29-- 10:00-10:45 AND 1:45-2:30-- Sessions 3a & 3b

Fri, May 1-- 9:15-10:15 AND 12:45-1:45-- Sessions 4a & 4b

Tues, May 5-- 9:15-10:15 AND 12:45-1:45--Sessions 5a & 5b

Related Arts

Monday: Computer

Tuesday: P.E.

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Art

Friday: Computer

**Library is every Monday!

The Word on an Orange! Learning about map skills and playing with our food!

Thank you so much for Indy snack attack donations! This is what the whole school brought!

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What Are We Up To In Room 115?


Each week we will be picking a topic we have already covered this year and begin to look at it again. There will be both remediation and enrichment activities so that everyone is being challenged to something new!

This week: Computation and Geometry


Poetry continues as we look at figurative language and writing in different styles.

**At the end of our unit I would like to have a Poetry Cafe so I will send out an email with the date for this in the next 2 weeks when we have it finalized!


We will be working on the Greek Roots geo, therm, and meter. No test will be given due to ISTEP during the next two weeks. Students will have a review sheet at the end.

Katelyn Nussbaum

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