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Properties of niobium

Physical properties

This is a silvery metal that has some shine to it.Niobium has an atomic mass of 92.90638(93) and an atomic radius of 198pm. The melting point it 2477°C (4491°F) and a boiling point of 4744°C (8571°F), while it is a solid at room temperature. It's density is 8.570 g/cc. This metal has a superconductivity property.

Chemical properties

This metal is not very flammable and has a lower reactivity level

Other important information

Its symbol is Nb and has and atomic number of 41. Below it is located in the fifth row down from the top and five in from the left.
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People behind the discovery

Uses of Niobium

It is specifically used in superconductive magnets because of its superconductive properties. Also used widely in gas pipelines. Some other things are jet engines and rockets.


It is found commonly in stainless steel to improve the strength, but also in many other things for the same reason.

Interesting facts!

Niobe comes from Greek Mythology. The name comes from the daughter of Tantalus.

Another interesting thing is it is used in glasses to help make the lenses thinner.