Personality Type: True Colors Green

By: Jacob Jozefowicz

Overview of My Colors

Summary- I can normally be cool, calm and collected, and I also have a hard time with emotions turning my energy to other interests. Bad days I can show perfectionism and anxiety due to stress and I become indecisive and sloppy as well as sarcasm. I value fairness, justice, intelligence, and insight and can be slightly impatient with drill and routine.

Childhood of Green

Green children appear older than their years, achieving more stimulating challenges that peaked interest. With drill and routine, there is tendency to question authority. Often you feel you'd need the teacher to earn your respect to learn from them. You often follow your head more than your heart.

Work Ethic

For green, play is actually in their work and drawn to consent challenges. When it is felt an idea is perfected, they leave work to others and move on. Often they are very independent in thought.


Often expects intelligence and competence while encouraging chance for improvement. Expects others to follow through and constantly assumes task relevancy. Analytical and visionary while constantly "in progress of change".