Pacific Grove Middle School

5th Grade Edition May 2019

Advice to Next Year’s Sixth Graders

By Mr. Tovani, Assistant Principal

What do you wish you knew about Middle School before arriving here as a sixth grader?

This is the question I asked students in Mrs. Fort’s 6th grade CORE class. I thought they might have some words of advice to help next year’s cohort understand what to expect, what to prepare for, and what NOT to worry about. Here is some of what they had to say:

• “You may think middle school is hard, but it is really fun!"

• “There is less homework than you might think, and after a week or two you will get used to the new routine.”

• "It might seem that you will have a tough time here at this new school, but there are so many amazing people to help you out along the way."

• "Write in your agenda and stay on top of homework because most days you will have little or none and then one day you will have quite a bit. Also, get your work done in class so you do not have any homework."

• "You should definitely stay focused and keep up on your work. But 6th grade is amazing and it will be fun if you work with the teachers and the people around you."

• "Focus, stay organized, and DO YOUR WORK!"

• "Do your homework, engage in class, and last but not least, just relax." :)

• "Do not compare yourself to your peers."

• "Definitely check google classroom, and just stay organized and don’t worry 6th grade is fun and you will enjoy it."

• "Get your work done in class that way after school you have time for sports and other activities."

• "Try not to miss a lot of school, and try to stay on top of your homework."

• "STAY ORGANIZED and don’t procrastinate. Don’t worry it will be fun!"

And, last but not least:

• "Do not keep food in your locker, because you will get ants in your locker."

5th Graders Visit PGMS

On Friday, May 24, the 5th graders will be visiting the middle school, 9:00 am- 11:00 am, while the 8th graders are at Great America. This is a student orientation and the 5th graders will receive a mock schedule to follow with their class.

Outdoor Science School

The payments for Outdoor Science School cash or check. Last year the fee was $375. We are not sure how much the fee will be this year. There will be more information at Registration Round-Up on Monday, July 29.


BASRP is not offered at the middle school. Study Hall is available on Mondays- Wednesdays, 3:10- 4:00 pm. There is one Monday a month that Study Hall and Detention is not available due to Staff Meetings. Study hall and Detention is in the library. There are no in and out privileges when you are in the library.

Community Service Hours

All students must have a minimum of 16 hours by the end of 8th grade in order to participate in Promotion Activities. Community Service must be done with a non-profit organization. After the last day of 5th grade, community service hours can be counted. If you have questions about community service hours and to make sure the hours will be approved, please email Janie Lawrence,

P.E. Uniforms

All students are expected to dress out and participate in PE every day. Students must be in the locker rooms when the tardy bell rings. Additionally, all students are expected to remain in the presence of the teachers or supervisors after dressing until released by their teachers.

P.E. Requirements

If a student does not have proper footwear, they will not be allowed to participate and will receive a zero for the day. Students can wear a PGMS sweatshirt or other sweatshirt on top of their PE uniform on cold days. Students who do not dress appropriately for PE will receive a lower grade and/or disciplinary consequences. The color of the uniform is royal blue or gray. Students can wear sweatpants, shorts (dress code applies), short-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts as long as the colors are royal blue or gray. Students can wear black leggings under their PE shorts.

Options to purchase PE Apparel

- Order from Field of Dreams Designs

- Recycled PE clothing is available, please email Mr. Dorey, at

- Purchase from a store royal blue or gray PE clothes.

Sports Physicals

It really helps if your student turns in their sports physical at the beginning of the school year. Sometimes the announcements of try-outs and practices are a few days before they happen. Volleyball, Soccer, and Cross Country usually happen within the first two weeks of school starting. If you have any questions please contact Apple in the office, or 831-646-6568.

Per Board Policy, students must have a current sports physical on file in the office before a student can try-out or practice a PGMS Sport (this does not apply to the Physical Education class). Please make sure your student has a current sports physical. The physical form is available online.

No Sports Physical on file = No Tryouts.

• Fall Sports: Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country

• Late Fall & Winter Sport: Basketball

• Spring Sports: Golf, Wrestling, Track & Field, Tennis

• Cheer is available all year.

Summer Reading List

Please download the forms below for the Summer Reading List. The students will need to turn it into their English class when school begins.

PGMS Website

Please familiarize yourself with the PGMS Website. You will find the Daily Bulletin, this is one of the ways we communicate to our students about sports tryouts, upcoming events, and a lot of different things that are going on. If you click on the Daily Bulletin, you will see what your students see in class.

Registration for 2019-2020 School Year

Please check your email and/or mail over the summer for further instructions on registering for the upcoming school year. Illuminate will open in mid-July for registering students. Registration will need to be completed prior to July 26 for schedules to be released at Registration Round-up on Monday, July 29.

Monday, July 29: 6th grade and NEW students to the District Registration Round-up, 9:00 am- 1:00 pm. The office closes at 1:00 pm.

Tuesday, July 30: 7th and 8th-grade student registration, 9:00 am- 1:00 pm. The office closes at 1:00 pm.

First Day of School is Wednesday, August 7, 2019