Team Bullard

Here's what's happening in the huddle...


This week we read Fishy Facts by Ivan Chermayeff. We focused on the following skills:

  • identifying base words and -es or -ies endings
  • differentiating the topic and main idea of a non-fiction story

We also completed our portfolio core reading assessment. The kids read The Great Big Enormous Turnip and completed a story map and wrote a connection to the story. Look for this in your child's portfolio next week!


We finished the final copies of our portfolio writing prompts. We also read 2 mentor texts about bubble-gum. One was a non-fiction story about the invention of bubble-gum and the other was a fictional story about Lester Fizz, a boy with an amazing talent. Lester could sculpt his bubbles into masterpieces. We created our own bubble-gum masterpieces. Remember to check them out in the hallway when you visit for portfolio conferences!


We continued to work in unit 6 learning about:

  • quarters
  • telling time to the 5 minute interval

We also completed our 3rd marking period math assessment as well as a portfolio computation task.


We began our unit on Collecting and Examining Living Things. We learned that living things must be able to grow, use energy from food, become parents, move, adapt, and have cells. We set up an experiment where we prepared 2 separate jars of salt water and added a separate dry substance to each jar. We are waiting to see which substance grows in salt water.


Thanks to Parker's family for making this a special week for Parker. We even enjoyed hearing The Berenstain Bears and the Bedtime Battle from a special guest reader!


Our Roxy Reading Therapy Dog, Gus, came to visit with his owner, Miss Bev. Gus listened to us as we read our portfolio writing pieces today. He was a very patient little leprechaun!

Portfolio Conferences

Phew! We've had a very busy couple of weeks in room 5 preparing for our portfolio conferences. Thankfully, today we finished all of our hard work and we will send home our portfolios next Thursday, March 21st. Please return the portfolios to school by Monday, March 25th so we can use them to discuss your child's progress at your conference. Remember, 1st graders are invited to attend the portfolio conference with you.

supplies needed

First graders must be working hard because we are in need of pencils, crayons, and glue sticks. If you could send your child to school with a new box of 16 crayons, 2 large glue sticks and some new sharp pencils we'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Looking Ahead

Next week we will:

  • read a story called Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon
  • study a mentor text called Growing Vegetable Soup and write stories about family activities
  • learn about data landmarks, review for our unit 6 test, and take our unit 6 math test
  • examine millipedes, crickets, and fish - Oh My!
  • record our Readers' Theater stories to post on next week's newsletter (sorry, this took longer than expected!)