By: Jamie Pantekoek

1 thing I really did not like AT ALL!!!!

It was that we read out of the book and did worksheets when we could have done more fun things to learn about it!!!! It always made me fall asleep.

My favorite thing we did this year was......

It was when we learned about the periodic table. What I liked about it was that we got to adopted a peice of the periodic table and make a poster about it.

My not so favorite thing we did this year was.......

It was the transver of atoms. What I didnt like about it was that it was boring to read and really boring to do the things we did though learning it.

Other things I learned this year.....

Forces and Motion

We learned that force means a push or a pull exerted by one object on snother, possibly causing a change in motion. We also learned that Motion means a change in an objects position compared to fixed objects around it. I loved this! I love everything we did with it!!!!