JANUARY 14, 2014

Where We Are...

It's been a while since I last wrote. The big news is that we are in the middle of a unit on poetry. The students are learning how to understand poetry and to write it, using poetic conventions of metaphor, alliteration, personification, and rhyming. Currently the students are working to learn poems they have picked to perform at the Poetry Reading Night at the Crozet Public Library next Thursday, January 23. An announcement was sent to you Tuesday, providing a response form regarding attendance. Please complete it and return to school as soon as possible so those students who are pairing up to perform with a friend can do so with someone who will be attending. Those student who will not be able to make the evening will still choose a poem to perform to the class.

We have also begun a unit on simple machines. This is a favorite unit of mine and many students, as they get to work with actual machines using the scientific method. We will be done with the study by the end of next week. Soon thereafter, I will assign a project for the unit. Don't worry, I will give the students (and you) plenty of time to oversee and complete the project.

We have been working on perimeter in math. The students have learned not only how to determine perimeter, but also how to compute missing information to compute perimeter. We have just begun learning about area.

Thursday and Friday are half days. Dismissal is at 11:25. Bagged lunches will be sold to students to take home with them, if needed.

The following are a number of pictures taken before Winter Break.