A Perfect World



Is it possible to create a perfect word? My answer is yes, with my ingredients, I believe I can make the world a better place than it is today.

Unfortunate will become fortunate and the greedy will become less fortunate.


- A world.

- About 5 billion kind hearted people.

- 100,000,000 million litres of no money, (the best things in life are free.)

- 200,000 cups of no war, means no fighting.

- 1,000,000 teaspoons of flowers, because I think the world should need a bit of nature.
- 9,000,000 sacks of happiness, everyone should be positive, (even at bad times.)


Add about 5 billion people to 1 world.

Add 100,000,000 million litres of no money.

Add 200,000 cups of no war and mix it up with 1,000,000 teaspoons of flowers.

Add in 9,000,000 sacks of happiness.

You will end up with a perfect world.