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Principal Newsletter - August 19th, 2022

Buccaneer Families,

Week 1 is in the books! It was an incredible week of learning, growing, and building relationships. By now, your students should be diving into curriculum and learning from their outstanding teachers. Students are in their routine of our 7 period schedule and understand school-wide expectations. This first week of school was a great success!

As smooth as this week was, I understand afternoon dismissal is a point of concern. After consulting with many different parties, we believe using both lanes will most effectively get cars in and out as quickly as possible. While week 1 traffic is typically slower as everyone learns routines, I am happy to say we cut our dismissal time in half from day 1 to day 2 of school (which continued even during the bad weather yesterday).

Some key things we need from you regarding arrival/dismissal:

  • In the morning, please do not park in the car rider line and wait until 8:20 to let your student out. This backs up the line for everyone else. If you would like to wait, please park in a spot, and then get in line when you are ready to drop off.
  • After school, please pull all the way forward in the line when it is your turn to fill the queue. This allows for as many cars as possible to pull up, so we can load more cars at one time.
  • Please emphasize to your student to be looking for your car, so they are ready to load quickly (especially if you are in the first round of cars).
  • If you need to pick up a student early, but the line has already started, please park at the back of the parking lot and walk into the building using the crosswalks.
  • The LTISD Cottage (house in front of HBMS) is not for student drop off/pick up. Please do not use this parking lot for this purpose. There are students in this building, and it is not safe for them to have traffic in that lot.

I greatly appreciate everyone's patience. It is a team effort, and we have drastically reduced the time this takes by working together!


Laura Keogh, Principal

Coming Up at the Bend...

August 27th: Cross Country Meet @ HBMS

September 1st: Curriculum Night (5:30-7:10pm)

Morning & Afternoon Homework Help

Beginning next week (8/22), we will start offering Homework Help sessions before and after school. This is a quiet work session facilitated by a faculty member for students to get help with or complete homework assignments.

BEFORE SCHOOL - 7:20-8:20am (Monday-Friday)

- Room 748 with Mr. Beatty

- Library with Ms. Hooker

- Room 775 with Mr. Gaffney

AFTER SCHOOL - 4:20-5:20pm (Monday-Thursday)

- Mondays and Wednesdays - Room 752 with Mr. Zambito

- Tuesdays and Thursdays - Room 775 with Mr. Gaffney

- There will not be Homework Help on Friday afternoons

As a reminder, we do not have late buses running routes this year, so if your child stays after school for Homework Help, it is the expectation that you pick him/her up at 5:20pm.

Buc Lounge Amazon Wish List

Thank you for your kind donations and supporting our Buccaneers in this capacity.

Call for Artwork!

LTISD visual arts has been asked to collaborate with the Engage and Heal Foundation. You will find more information here. This is not an assignment or project, rather a chance for enrichment and an opportunity for students to experience an art call, be part of an exhibition and possibly a money making opportunity with their artistic response to a specific prompt/theme.

This art call is open to grades 5th - 12th in LTISD. Again, this is an optional opportunity for any student to participate.

Collecting Sprout Supply Boxes!

The HBMS art program is collecting sprout supply boxes for a project! If you still have your child's Sprout supply box, we would love to have them for the 6th grade art class. Have your child drop off boxes to Mrs. Gavin in Room 673.
Staff Shout Out

Did a teacher or staff member do something outstanding for your child? Use this Form to submit a staff shout out! This will be printed and delivered to the staff member by Ms. Keogh.

HBMS Leadership Team

While our campus leadership team works collaboratively with all students and teachers, the following information should help you reach the appropriate administrator or counselor for your child's grade level should a question or concern arise. We are committed to serving our students and appreciate the opportunity to work together with families to support our learners.


Laura Keogh

6th Grade

Assistant Principal: Matt Holley

Counselor: Dana Page

7th Grade

Assistant Principal: Brian Gill

Counselor: JoAnn Bryan

8th Grade

Assistant Principal: Cristy Castanares

Counselor: Surita Scholla

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