Healthy People By 2020

Help Springfield Public Schools Make a Healthier Tomorrow

Reduce Obesity Rates

The goal of a healthier tomorrow is to reduce the rate of obesity to 5% for the youth. In the United States, the obesity rates have been steadily rising until recently. This report from the Organization for economic co-operation and development. Roughly 70% of US adults are overweight, which corresponds to the second highest rate in the OECD. Overweight and obesity rates increased steadily since the 1980s in both men and women. The latest data confirm the findings of the Obesity Update 2012, and show that the prevalence of overweight has grown at a slower pace than previously projected by the OECD, which had foreseen a 1% per year growth until 2020. This shows a positive sign that this goal may be met.

Increase the Quality of Life for All

Another goal is to increase the quality of life of all people. According to the Organization for economic co-operation and development, the health index has risen steadily over the past few years and is likely to continue to rise as long as actions are taken to increase health awareness.

Reduce Disparities

There exists many health disparities in the United States. Poorer communities have a lower average health as compared to more wealthy communities. It is a goal to reduce the disparities that appear between different people groups.

Increase Length of Lives

Increasing the length of people's lives is another goal that needs to be achieved. Life expectancy in the USA rose in 2012 to 78.8 years. It is expected to 79.5 years according to