Science 7 Newsletter

Hicksville Middle School

Welcome to Room 237!

I hope this email finds you well and excited for the new year! In this email you will find major topics of study and assignments for the upcoming week. I have listed a date to be assigned and/or due date for each, but please note these may change due to school events or need for further review.

Snow Season: The month of January is often interrupted by snow days and delays, as such, it is important that your student check their email frequently for assignment updates and bring their science notebook home each night.

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Using time wisely? This is often a question that is posed to middle school students, as we notice homework not being submitted or it being turned in obviously rushed. All students have at least one period in the day, HomeBase, in which work is to be done. With HomeBase or study hall built into their schedules, it is expected that students will complete their homework before computer games are played or they participate in other non-academic activities.

As we return from break and enter this snowy season, please encourage your student to develop a plan for using this daily homework time wisely and avoiding easy distractions. Thanks so much for your support with homework completion.

Grades for this week?

Science 7 students will be earning a grade on the following assignment for the week:

  1. Climates & Biomes Quiz: On Friday (1/8), students will complete a quiz over the week's notes on Earth's climates and biomes. Students will be expected to be able to identify learned biomes and explain important characteristics of each, like location, average temperature, and average precipitation. A Quizlet set will be posted to assist in studying for this quiz, in addition to notes provided in their student lab notebooks.
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