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With the recent switch to virtual learning, we have shifted some of our services to support our families. Please see the information below. The elementary and middle school is set to return to school on Monday, November 30. The high school will return to face to face instruction on Thursday, December 10, 2020. We will announce changes to the schedule with the MS/ES set to return on the 30th.

Technology Support:

Mrs. Clark will be providing technical support to the district. You can email her at any time. We guarantee she will be manning the phones from 11:30-2:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you are having any issues with technology please contact her.


Phone: 517-867-6125

Wifi Distribution:

You can access wifi in the parking lot of the ES/MS and HS 24-7. We will be taking hot spots out on buses to various parts of our district. The schedule is listed below. We are currently looking for a location in the southern part of the district, but we are struggling to find service with our hot spots. This is subject to change, but wifi can be accessed this week Tuesday-Thursday, and next week on Monday.

Site Time and Location

8-9am Spring Arbor Village Crossing 7851 Spring Arbor Rd

8-9am Albion Tractor Supply 1448 N Eaton St

10-11am Spring Arbor Village Crossing 7851 Spring Arbor Rd

10-11am Albion Tractor Supply 1448 N Eaton St

12pm-1pm Spring Arbor Village Crossing 7851 Spring Arbor Rd

12pm-1pm Albion Tractor Supply 1448 N Eaton St

3pm-4pm Spring Arbor Village Crossing 7851 Spring Arbor Rd

4pm-5pm Albion Tractor Supply 1448 N Eaton St

Food Distribution:

We will distribute free food to all of our students if they request it. Mr. Breneman sent out a survey earlier this week. Food distribution information is listed below.

: 100% Virtual and IN TOWN students can pick up food from the ES/MS cafeteria.

  • We will deliver food to our bus riders today, Friday, November 20, 2020 deliveries will begin around 3 pm.

  • IN TOWN students will be able to pick up food next week on Tuesday, November 24,

  • from 12-1 behind the ES/MS cafeteria

  • Food will be delivered to our bus riders on Tuesday, November 24, around 3 pm.

If you missed this week's sign-up and would like to sign-up for next week's home delivery, please use the following link. Next week, all meals will be delivered on Tuesday as a result of the holiday.

If you have any questions, contact the Food Service Office @ (517) 990-3603 or


With the recent move to virtual learning, many of us are helping to support student learning much more than we were four days ago. I know this is frustrating and hard. Last night, after work, I went home to check Finn's work, and he had not completed four required assignments. My first thought was what in the world have you been doing all day????

Just as the words were about to fly out of my mouth, Finn turned to me with his big, charming smile and said, "Mom, look at my work!! I did good right??" Thankfully it stopped me in my tracks. He was so proud of what he was able to do all on his own; he was waiting to see my reaction. I had to choose how to respond. Was I going to be frustrated at the lack of work, or be proud that he completed a big reading assignment all on his own?? I wish I could say I handled it perfectly, but I didn't. My response was, " that was really great, BUT..." I went to bed thinking I could have handled that differently. The distance learning struggle is real.

When I woke up this morning, I came across this video. It demonstrates how much the attitude of the people around us will impact our ability to be successful. It was a great reminder of how shifting my attitude can help my boys get their work done during this virtual learning period, and showed me exactly how I could handle it differently next time. There will still be issues with my kids telling me they started an assignment that they can't find now (see the article below). There will still be moments when my youngest watches Ninjago on Netflix versus completing his persuasive Turkey writing, but how I handle it matters.


The Power of Positivity | Brain Games


One of the most common things I hear from students is "I did that! I swear!" Often I wonder if there is a black hole on the internet of my home. However, I have found that whether a student copies an assignment in Google Classroom and then works on it or opens it and begins working on it right out of Google Classroom, it can be found in Google Drive. Watch the video to find out how you can help your student track down that elusive missing assignment in Google Docs.
Finding Google Classroom Assignments in Google Drive

Elementary and Middle School SEL Corner

Our ES is finishing up the Trait of "Determined" or "Showing Determination"- all of our students did a fantastic job showing their YellowJacket determination as we adjusted to virtual schooling this week; so many teachers have reached out and shared glowing student engagement and participation bright spots!

Our MS finished the Focus Area: 'Demonstrate a sense of personal responsibility.'/'I am responsible for myself and my actions.' We have one last Focus Area within our Learning Area of Self-Management that will be announced when we return from Thanksgiving Break.

Next week instead of transitioning to a new Trait of the Week/Good Human Skill Focus Area, we will be spending Monday and Tuesday focusing on school connectedness, recognizing others, and celebrating positives! Be sure to tune into the CES/CMS morning announcements on the Concord Elementary and Middle School Announcements Google Classroom on Monday for more information about fun challenges and activities (like Find the Hive Sign, Student Shout-Outs, and more!).

Morning Announcements 11.20.20



If you have not filled out the survey, please do. We are working with stakeholders across the county to develop our plans for the second semester, and we need your input. Please click the parent survey link below to share your feedback.



With flu season and colder weather right around the corner, the number of people that experience illness tends to increase. This year we also have to deal with COVID-19. We are vigilantly cleaning our buildings and making sure we keep our classrooms and hallways as germ-free as possible. We continue to encourage handwashing and hand sanitizing. Plus, we have amazing students and staff that make sure they keep their masks on to protect others.

Recently, we have seen a rising number of COVID-19 cases across the state and several other schools in the county have had to switch to virtual learning. We have been fortunate thus far to avoid a major issue with COVID-19, but things can change quickly. We can all do our part by avoiding large gatherings, washing our hands, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing whenever possible. Additionally, if your child is sick, please keep them home. They can access all of their learning virtually.

We know these are frustrating times, but if we pull together, we will be successful. We appreciate your support!! #ONEHIVE



The district is working to support our families that are struggling with the internet at home. Whether it is spotty service or limited data, sometimes in Concord, we just do not have good access to the internet.

The installation of WiFi antennas on the outside of both the ES/MS and HS buildings has been completed. We now have WIFI PARKING LOTS!!!! Families can access free WiFi 24 - 7 in almost every spot in both parking lots and the ES/MS drive and drop loop. We are beyond excited about the completion of the project. We will continue to look for ways to support our families and this is a big step to making digital more accessible for everyone.

Additionally, the Jackson District Library offers access to WiFi and computers. The WiFi is available outside the library 24-7. Computers and the internet can be accessed anytime during open hours Hours:

Monday and Wednesday 10-6
Tuesday and Friday 1-6
Saturday 10-2

Elementary and Middle School Facebook Page

Have you liked the Elementary/Middle School Facebook Page?

If you have not yet, this week is a great time to start. The Elementary and Middle School use the Facebook page to post many updates and announcements. This Friday was the first-ever Facebook live-streamed morning announcements. Don't miss the news - like the page today.


In an effort to support our families as we navigate this digital world, we will be putting together videos to help parents navigate some of the digital tools we are using. The first video, found below is on how you can use PowerSchool and Google Classroom to monitor how your students are doing AND help support their learning.
How to Monitor Student Progress with PowerSchool and Google Classroom

Jackson Early College Information Meeting

Jackson Early College will be hosting virtual informational meetings for Parents of 8th, 9th & 10th Graders. At the meeting, parents will learn how your child could earn a certificate, an Associate’s degree, or up to 60 transferable credits at little-to-no cost to families. The meetings will take place on October 26, November 4, November 24, and December 3 at 6 p.m. If you are interested in taking advantage of this unique educational opportunity and have questions prior to the parent meetings, speak to your child’s high school counselor or contact Jean Logan, JCEC administrator — or (517) 581-2003.

PLEASE RSVP: In your response, please indicate your child’s name & school district. A link on how to join the virtual meeting will be sent to you.

Upcoming Events

11/25 -11/27 No School for Staff and Students - Thanksgiving Break

12/ 14 End of the 2nd Quarter/Semester

12/18 Half Day for Students and Staff

12/21- 1/1 No School for Students and Staff - Christmas Break

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