Three little pigs 🐺🐷

by jaime

The beggining

Ones upon a time there lived three little pigs. They lived with there mum . Then one day there mum said they had to live some where else and they had to be care full for the wolf

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So the little pigs left . The first little pig saw straws so he baught it and built a house out of it ....... Then the wolf came and blew the house down so he did. The first pig ran to the second little pig they both made a house out of straws they lived happily ever after... until the wolf came he blew the house down.


So they both ran to the third pigs house made out of bricks then the wolf came and try to blow the house down but he could not so he went to the chimny but there was a hot pot under the chimney so he got burn't so the 3 pig went and call the police and the wolfwent to jail So the little pigs lived happily ever after

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!