Pinehill School News - 4 August

4 August 2021 - Week 2, Term 3

Message from our Principal

Kia ora tatou,

It is wonderful to have all the students back and settled into their learning. I always enjoy my time in class seeing all the children so engaged and switched onto learning. In Week 6 we will have our three-way conferences, this will give you a chance to learn more about your child/children as they share their learning and next steps. Details about how to book will be in next week’s newsletter.

Our production practices for Gillian: Dog in the Big City started last week. This involves all students from Year 4 to 6. It was great to see children learning lines, practising dances and learning new songs. We are all looking forward to the production in Week 9.

Entrance Gate - Student Safety

As you may have noticed our electronic safety gates are operational again. Access to main carpark is only for staff and authorised vehicles. This is to ensure that our students are kept safe especially at the start and end of the school day by minimizing moving vehicles.

Please do not stop in front of either gate to do drop off or pickup, there is a dropoff zone in Spencer Road.

If you enter the carpark, please ensure that you use the exit gate when leaving and do not leave through the open entrance gate.


The Year 1 to 6 students started their swimming lessons at the Millennium pools last week.

Here are some recount stories and photos from Room 1 (Year 1).

Swimming is fun. I like to go to the swimming pool. I like to go under the water. I am in the water, the water is cold.


Today I'm going to swimming lessons and I had fun and I am cold.


We went swimming. The swimming teacher said splash her and lie on the water. We were learning to float and it was so much fun, and I love swimming in my team. There were 4 kids.


I went to the swimming on Wednesday. I am swimming in the pool. There is a board. The water is cold. There are lines. The teacher is kind. I put my head in the water.


Ngā mihi nui,

Carla Veldman, Principal

New Students

Pinehill School would like to welcome the following new students:

Nathaniel Xia and Nicholas Xu

Maths Week 9-13 August

Next week is Maths Week across New Zealand. Pinehill will be celebrating maths in many different ways. Our Maths Fairy will visit classes asking questions, there will be daily maths questions on our Pinehill TV station as well as maths questions for different year levels in next week's newsletter.

The Y5/6 classes will be participating in a school run Mathex team competition, and there will be many other exciting maths activities happening in classrooms.

This will be an ideal opportunity to talk with your children at home about the maths that they do, as well as talking about what maths you do everyday in your lives. Maths is woven into so much of what we do.

Here is a link to the Families and Whanau page on the NZMaths site. This includes ideas for supporting your child at home with their maths in practical ways.



Scholastic book orders close tomorrow (Thursday 5 July)

Class Awards

  • Room 1: Jayden Jin
  • Room 2: Marcus Lu
  • Room 3: Michael Zhu
  • Room 4: Paz Cardale
  • Room 5: David Su
  • Room 6: Jisoo Kim
  • Room 7: Jackson Long
  • Room 8: Oscar Zhao
  • Room 9: Indy Hendricks
  • Room 10: Hannah Su
  • Room 11: Juseong Im
  • Room 12: Chase Zhao
  • Room 13: Hannah Zhang
  • Room 14: Nathan Jin
  • Room 15: Arthur Zhai
  • Room 16: Bogyeom Kim
  • Room 17: Aariz Awan
  • Room 18: Christina Quezon
  • Room 19: Marky Romano
  • Room 20: Gordon Huang
Winning House: Motuihe
Walker of the week: Jugurtha Machouche

Upcoming Events

2 - 6 August

  • Walking to School week

Friday 6 August

  • Fun Food Friday

9 - 13 August

  • Maths Week

Monday 9 August

  • FOPS Meeting @ 8.30am
  • Cantonese Speeches

Tuesday 10 August

  • Mandarin Speeches

Wednesday 11 August

  • Yr 6 Northcross Intermediate visit
  • Board of Trustees Meeting @ 6pm

Thursday 12 August

  • Yr 6 Murrays Bay Intermediate visit
  • Yr 1 Botanic Gardens

Friday 13 August

  • Snack Food Friday


Tuesdays - Yr 3 & 4 Swimming - every Tuesday until 7 September (excluding 17 August)

Wednesdays - Yr 1, 2, 5 & 6 Swimming - every Wednesday until 8 September (excluding 11 August)

Check calendar for Jester Pie Wednesdays

Board News

Board of Trustees Policies

All school policies are available through School Docs - click here

Logon - pinehill

password - pinehillway


WSB name

Pinehill Penguins

Morning: Mon-Fri

Leaves from 1 Kilear Cl at 8:10 am. Another pickup point at 8.30 am from 2 Ballymore Dr

Afternoon: Thurs and Friday

Meeting outside Room 5. Leaves school at 3.10 pm (arrives at 2 Ballymore Dr)

Contact: Calla Cheng -



Contact: Lamia Bouaifel -

Spencer Rd

Morning ONLY Mon - Thursday

Leaves from 12 Spencer Rd at 8:30 am

Contact: Kelly Liang -

Friends of Pinehill School (FOPS) News - PTA

Fun Food Friday This Friday 6th August

It’s Fun Food Friday again this week! We have added 4 new hot food options. Please check them out in Kindo. All pizza and food orders are to be placed online using the Kindo Online Shop by the end of tonight (Wednesday, 4th August). Children love their yummy food, don’t miss out

Yummy Stickers

It’s almost time to return your Yummy stickers/sticker collection sheets from apples, pears and nectarines to school (at the drop off box opposite the health room in the administration block), so whether you are already in full swing or just starting, there is still time to earn some sports gear for our school. We will collate the stickers and sheets then send them in to receive our share of sports equipment by the end of this term. Forms are available from the drop box or can be downloaded from Happy munching!

About Us - Friends of Pinehill School

FOPS is a fundraising and support network of parents and teachers assisting Pinehill School to connect our community. It is a great way to get involved and meet other fun enthusiastic parents. Each member brings something unique and special to our group. Kia ora rawa atu thank you! The next FOPS committee meeting will be held at 8.30am on Monday 9th August at the staff room allocated in the administration block. All welcome! If you have any questions or would like to join this amazing force, please email We look forward to meeting you!

Pinehill School PTA - Friends of Pinehill School

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