February 2016 WAJ Tech Bit

I <3 Technology!

WAJ Robotics Team Competes in "The Bots Take the Burgh!"

On Saturday, the WAJ Robotics team traveled to Lansingburgh High School in Troy, NY to take part in "The Bots Take the Burgh" Nothing But Net VEX Competition. The 42 team field competed hard and at the end of the qualifying rounds only the teams led by Ben Pelham, Aidan Cohane, David Skopinsky, and Anthony Savasta remained from WAJ. During a most unusual selection process three of the four WAJ teams became an alliance and made it to the elimination round finals. There the team made up of Cohane, Savasta, and Skopinsky lost a best-of-three series 93-98, 119-76, 120-131.

Due to WAJ's strong showing, three of the five teams qualified to the state tournament scheduled for March 6th in Syracuse, NY. At this point WAJ is the only school to have qualified three teams for the state tournament.

Congratulations to Mr. Jones, Mr. Pudlewski, and the entire WAJ Robotics Team!

ISTE Standards 1-6!

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Miss Kern's Students Use Chatterpix App in ELA!

Students in Miss Kern's class enjoyed using the Chatterpix app that was featured at the Columbia Greene Reading Council Tech Expo. During their ELA time, students used the Chatterpix app to make the covers of their books talk. The purpose of using the app was to provide students with a platform to encourage others to read their selected book.

Check out the examples below! If you would like some ideas for how you can use Chatterpix in your classroom, checkout the CRGC slide deck located below. There you will find a wealth of ideas and resources for your classroom!

ISTE Student Standard 1: Creativity and Innovation

ISTE Student Standard 2: Communication & Collaboration

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ChatterPix Video (2)
ChatterPix Video (2)

WAJ Hosts the Columbia-Greene Reading Council Tech Expo!

Teachers from around the region traveled to the mountaintop to enjoy a 2 hour technology workshop entitled "Game Changers: Technology that Changes the Way We Do Business." The presentation focused on how using technology to make simple changes to traditional instructional strategies can transform the classroom and support college and career readiness.

During the session, participants were encouraged to connect with each other on Twitter and participated in educational tech trivia on Today's Meet. Highlighted apps included: Plickers, Kahoot, Google Forms, Pic Collage, Thing Link, iMovie, and many more!

If you were unable to attend the expo, but would like to learn more about the featured apps, feel free to check out our slide deck below!

ISTE Standard 5: Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership!

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WAJ Techapalooza 2016!

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 2:45pm

WAJ Library

Get excited about sharing great ideas and having fun! It's WAJ Techapalooza 2016! Which team will win lunch?! Will it be:

Team: It Takes A Village

Team: Totally Tech Warriors

Team: MPP Squad

Team: #lovemesomereview

Team: Old School of Rock

Team: Danny and the Jets!

Team: Jay and the Digital Divas

Looking forward to a great share session!

Tech Bite: Google Forms (Perfect for grades K-12!)

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 2:45pm

Mrs. Valerio's Room

Google forms are awesome! Come check out how you can easily and QUICKLY create forms that can be used for: parent surveys, book logs, quizzes and tests, student surveys, science observations, field trip debriefing, and many other ideas!

Don't forget to add any Tech Bites that you participate in to your Google PD Gameboard!

ISTE Standard 5: Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

Ms. Daly's Home and Careers Students Share Their Values Using the Tellagami App

ISTE Student Standard 2: Communication and Collaboration

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Miss Larsen's Students Practice Telling Time Using Plickers!

Students in Miss Larsen's class were excited to use Plickers to put their time telling skills to the test. After the lesson Miss Larsen shared an awesome Plicker tip with others! She discovered that it is best to hide the graph panel until everyone has been scanned. This eliminates group think and provides the most accurate feedback about student knowledge. Nice job sharing Miss Larsen!

ISTE Standard 2: Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments

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