Freshman Newsletter

by: Jenessa Houk


Hello my name is Jenessa Houk. I was a former student of Mrs. Allen's English 9 class. During the whole year we learned about many topics. English 9 was a very fun and good experience and I really liked it a lot. Ninth grade English is very important and homework is on of the main keys. I think you will do great and enjoy English 9 if you be mature and have fun with your freshman year.

Overview of the course

Three of many units we studied are Divergent ,Monster,and Poetry.

Independent Reading

This year you will be reading about 9 in depended reading books. In both grad eyou real one book a month. I would encourage you to read the whole book becaus eat the end of every month there is either an assumeing or a book talk about te book you read. it is actually very helpful and helps you get better at reading and it is a big part of your grade as a English 9 student.


My favorite part about English 9 is that you learn so much with a. great and fun teacher. Anything you do in English 9 Mrs. Allen makes it fun and never boring. She is allways in a good mood enless you act immature at times. I just loved to be in a class where I felt relaxed and conforable.

Non Favorite

I really didn't enjoy reading a book every month. I just don't like to read a lot but after I actually had to read a book every month is made me think that reading helps if you just take time and read sometimes.


During your freshman year I would stay organized in English 9 and near becaus eshe checks your binder often. Stay mature and calm and chill. Do all of your homework it is a really big pet of yor grade in English 9. During this class you really need to consentrate and know when what is due and where you need to do it. Sometimes she combines her assignments with Mrs. Whittings class.

Top 5 things ( how to make Mrs, Allen laugh or be organized)

1.) Dance with her

2.) Sing with her during the morning announcements

3.) Keep your binder in order

4.) Pay attention to when things are due

5.) Be happy and never down


look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder