Open House 2016

6:00 - 7:30 pm

Apps to Enhance the Experience

Your child has been working hard to share what they have been working on for Open House this year. Some of it is a work in progress, while other work (like art) will be taken down next week to be taken home.

Some work requires the use of free apps in order to view. These apps will be explained below. However, if you choose not to download the app or do not have a capable device, we will have some on hand to borrow so that you don't miss out.

Canyon View Open House

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 6-7:30pm

12025 Yale Court

Irvine, CA


Aurasma is an augmented reality app that makes objects interactive. If you download this app, when you scan your child's picture (placed somewhere in the classroom), you will be greeted by a welcome video by your child.

QR Code Reader

On your child's desk is a QR code that leads to their online portfolio of their best work, as chosen by them. It includes their memory video from Outdoor Ed, their Genius Hour project, and selected writing.

In addition, they have created word clouds and silhouettes of themselves. Your task is to look at the commonly used words and guess which silhouette/word cloud is your child. The QR code below their silhouette reveals the correct answer. How many attempts will it take you?

Any free QR code reader works well, including i-Nigma, which we use.

Breakout EDU

In the SWA, you're invited, with your child, to attempt some of the puzzles that the students solved (or almost solved) during their first Breakout game. Some of the boxes contain homework passes, so let's see who can solve them first!


Out in the SWA as well will be our Ozobot, our newest robot that helps students learn computer coding language. Feel free to play around with it and design your own path.

Looking forward to seeing you there!