Sumerian Technolgy

By Tristan Rivas Aka Strawberry master

Sumerian technology fast, quick, and easy and not That cheesy.

All Day every day.

Open 24 7 dusk to dawn morning to night light to dark yes yes come and see all year round open longer than a a turtles mouth and that's guaranteed.

Keep on rolling

Sumerian wheel buy now and start rolling ,cruising, hauling, or balling if your lucky. With this invention of the future made by the first people of the first civilization. Stop meditating and trying to clear your mind its in your head and can't be erased tell you buy the product of the newest time.

Farm town #Wisconsin

Don't go through troubles go trough clay and soil with a plow and oxen. it does all the work well you sit back and relax. get the most crops in the whole lot even if it's really hot.

Watch the clock.... Almost time

watch the water flow down well the day flies by like a bird. with this clock of the present you can be in the past only to be in the future.

Fun facts :)

Sumerians built water ways under the city for easy flows like my rhyming in the whole page. They learned to use bronze to make stronger weapons like a man uses weights to get stronger weapons. They even learned to make makeup and jewelry better then I learned to make so much tomfoolery. :/