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Classes in the library are in full swing at Kirkwood Elementary and we are excited for what this year has in store!

All Kirkwood students visit the library each week for library classes and book checkouts. My goal is to present a newsletter once a month highlighting what is happening in the library.

If you ever have any questions about library learning or library checkout please feel free to shoot me an email or give us a call!

Jenahlee Chamberlain

Teacher Librarian


What's Going on in K-2?

Kindergarten: We started the year talking about library and checkout expectations. We have talked a lot about taking care of library books and keeping them safe in our backpacks when they are not being read. Last week we began talk about the parts of the books and the roles of the author and illustrator. We also started computer lab last week. We spend the first couple of weeks practicing using a mouse and navigating the computer. This is a great fine motor exercise for young students as well! If you want your child to practice using their mouse at home check out the links below.

First Grade: First grade started the year with a review of book care and a review of the parts of the books. We have recently started an author study on author/illustrator Peter Brown. Through this author study we have been reviewing the parts of the book, the role of author and illustrator and learning about how books are created. Check out the link to this website below!

Second Grade: Second grade started the year with a quick review of book care and we jumped right into how to choose Just Right books. Just Right books are books that students can read independently. It important for students to learn how to choose a Just Right books so they can practice their independent reading at home. Last week we started a unit on Fiction vs. Nonfiction literature. We will be reading "Diary of a..." book by Doreen Cronin and comparing these fiction texts with their nonfiction counterparts.

What's going on in 3-6?

Third and Fourth Grade: Third and fourth grade students began the year learning how to use their unique logins to access the computers and Google apps. Students will use Google apps for education throughout the school year to type papers, create projects and collaborate with other students. 3rd and Fourth graders are also preparing for an author visit from author/illustrator Grace Lin who will come to Kirkwood in November!

Fifth and Sixth Grade: 5th and 6th graders started the the year creating unique passwords for their individual student logins they use to access school technology and Google drive. We also started a unit on Digital Citizenship. So far we have talked about keeping information private online and how to stay safe. We have also been talking about presenting your best self and leaving a positive digital footprint and going through different scenarios that may harmful or harmless to kids online.

Author/illustrator Grace Lin will visit 3rd and 4th graders are Kirkwood Elementary on Tuesday, November 3rd. Students will have the opportunity to order autographed copies of her books. Watch for more information in Monday Mail!

DOT DAY 2015

Students in all grades participated in Dot Day 2015. Watch for their completed Dots in the Kirkwood Entryway! Dot Day encourages children to express themselves in creative ways!
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Book Checkout/Return Days!

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Jenahlee Chamberlain-Teacher Librarian