6Th Grade Technology

by: Gracie Wood

Typing Web

*We do 5 min of typing every day.

*My typing increased from the being when I first started.

*there are 4 levels there is beginner,intermediate,advance,and practice you can increase every time you finish a level.

Career Locker

*A teacher comes in for 5 days.

*You fill out thing about what you want to be or who you want to be.

*At the end of the unit you have to pick a dream job that you want to do a project on and you make a project on it and you ask things like where you would do it what collage and what you do.


* We got to write about anything in December like what you are doing over break or what it means to you.

*You get graded on how well you 1-4 like if you put titles capital letters and full sentences.

*You could share it if you want it is up to you chose.