Bobcats of the US

distribution and habitat

unlike other lynx species, it does not depend mostly on deep forest they found every where from the Florida everglades to the desert regions in Texas. Population depends not on the region of the world but on the population of the prey, protection from severe weather, den and resting areas and on cover they can use when running away from a bigger predator like humans some dogs and even mountain lions

food source

Bobcats usually eat small animals such as rabbit ,squirrels, otter , pheasant, and even fish. they are even known to rarely attack deer.


bobcats cats are mostly found in the southeastern region of the US and in the mountanous regions of Canada.


Bobcats like most felines spend most of their time alone and only come together during mating season and even the it is only for the needed to mate. They are very terratorial and mark their territory with urine feces and juices formed in glands on the animals rear.


Bobcats usually mate in early spring and have 1-6 cubs and they usually live up to 32 human years