Running with Intelligence, runIQ

Half Day Efficient/Barefoot Running Workshop


So what is Efficient Running? ... More Speed for Less Effort with Fewer Injuries!

What's all this about Barefoot Running? Don't we need support and cushioning? ... the truth is a surprising 'NO'!

Do you want your next PB without any more effort?

Do you want to get rid of that persistent injury, plaguing your running?

Do you want to discuss footwear choices with those with a broad overview and a lot of experience?

Are you interested in barefoot running but have concerns and don't know where to start?

Do you want to know why you've plateau'd and can't get any faster, no matter how much you try?

  • An eye-opening, active and interactive intro masterclass in Efficient Running (dress to run! Fitness irrelevant - it's all about technique)
  • Relevant Strength & Conditioning Exercises
  • Plenty of opportunities to ask all those burning questions on footwear (or not!) choices, running injuries and transitional issues when adopting new running techniques or going 'barefoot'.
  • Free coaching download to all attendees

£500 for a half day workshop.

Gather your friends, ask your gym to bring us in!

Call 01494 433124 to book or go online

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