Resources for Elementary Education


Discovery Education

In Discovery Education's website There are different resources for teachers of all grade levels. Also included are links for parents, students, and administrators. there are resources, homework help, and lesson plans all on one website.


LessonPlanet is a search engine website. There are resources such as lesson plans, standards, and worksheets.

Math Resource

Included in this website are games, practices, and drills. There are a lot of good ways for students to work on their skills while having fun. Check out this website to enjoy multiplication

Organising tools

Organization is important in the classroom, let alone everyday life. Within this website you can find ways to organize lesson in the classroom. Included are mind maps, diagrams, and flow charts that are easily used for students. There is a list of websites embedded in this website that easily links to the source.


Pintrest is a very great website to use for anything and everythign. Within this website users are able to look up lessons, ideas, and activities that have already been thought up and planned by others.

Sites for Teachers

A site that has websites teachers can use.

Teacher Created Resources

Teacher Created Resources is a website where teachers can purchase items for their classroom. There is a link for every subject. Not only are there learning materials but there also things to decorate the classroom, use for games, and rewards (such as stickers).

Teacher Resources

Worksheets, lesson plans, collaborative projects, bulletin boards.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a fabulous website that is basically run by teachers. Within this website are lesson plans are well as materials and worksheets for these lessons. There are free items and items that can be paid for. All materials are downloadable and can be saved to a computer.

Teacher's Network

This is a place to look for lesson plans. Easy to navigate, can search by grade.

Youtube Videos

Here are youtube video resources I found that are related to different educational subjects.
Disappearing Water - Science Experiments For Children with Quirkle Inquisitive Inman
Teacher Resource: World War 1-1914
Learn Math - Money & Making Change
Schoolhouse Rock - Conjunction Junction
Grammar Rock Verb


Stories for Childrens

Audio stories that children can easily locate and listen to.

Naked Scientist

Includes recent science news, hands- on experiments, interviews with scientists, answers to many questions.

ADHD Podcast for Children

Information for children on ADHD in an entertaining way.