Clouldland canyon

By: Brantley & Logan

Facts about Clouldland Canyon

Clouldland Canyon is Georgia's most mystically named state park. At the park you can hike, camp, and play tennis. There is another attraction and it is a few miles away from the entrance. There is a well known attraction called Rock City. At Rock City you can take long peaceful walks on winding paths. Clouldland Canyon is situated at the northern end of Lookout Mountain. There you can learn about history and geology too. It was built in 1939.

Clouldland Canyon is The Best.

Clouldland Canyon is the place to be. If you have had a long stessful week you can come to Clouldland Canyon to relax. Your kids can do the the activities they offer there. You can go look at the amazing views. Other activities are mountain biking, all the playgrounds, and golf. Some people like it so much they even spend the night! It is one of the most scenic parks in Georgia!