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v3,i5 Week of September 28, 2015

Remember items for this week

- Duty rotations for 7:15 duty is Second Grade Teachers and next week (in October) is Grade3

-Don't forget the duty rotations for 6:50 duty in the gym to help with all our second load students

-7:20 open building time helped with breakfasts this past week. Thank you all for helping make things easier and getting students in and out of cafeteria in time to get to class.

-Look for excused tardy notes for late bus students and when breakfast items make students late. That way, you won't have to ask students about why they are late. This is not happening a lot, but we think this will make your mornings easier by not having to question students as they enter your classroom. If you have a student outside in one of the mobile units and they enter after 7:50, please make sure they have some type of tardy note. If not, please send them to the office. We are trying to have the parents bring in the students when they are late to allow for needed conversations when/if this is becoming a habit. One thing to remember, though, is that it is WAY better for the students to be in school and come in late than to NOT come to school at all.

-Here's a link to the calendar for this week.

-Don't forget the Curriculum Night on Tuesday for grades 1-5 and on Thursday for Kindergarten. See the slides to share about Title I at each of your meetings.

-Fourth Grade will be off campus this Wednesday. Look for revised lunch schedule to accommodate this field trip.

-Here's the link for your grade level meeting notes.

-Don't forget about Writing Blitzes as September is running to an end this week. See the faculty handbook in the Google Drive for writing blitz information. Click this link here to see the information:

-Wednesday is PAY DAY!

-Interim Reports are sent home in THT (Take Home Tuesday) this week. Also, you should have turned in your RSVPs to Mrs. Stewart for our meals needed for the curriculum nights.

-Don't forget to let the office know if you are aware of student change in transportation for the day. The office will make sure to let car rider personnel know. This will really help with dismissal times!

-2nd Grade is meeting with Sarah Temple on Tuesday to go over Accelerated Math 2.0. K-1 should use Accelerated Math 2.0 as much as possible as it fits with their math rotations and lessons. 2nd grade MUST use 2.0. Grades 3-5 should use both AM Live and 2.0.

-Be sure to look at description for upcoming Thursday meetings. This Thursday is Common Planning and Tech Thursday for ALL grade K-2 teacher. The following Thursday is for Grades 3-5. The third Thursday is our Faculty meeting day and the fourth Thursday is for School Improvement Team (SIT) who is reading the papers given to them over the next 2 weeks. SIT "assignment" will be coming out in about 2 weeks.

-Don't forget to thank Aaron's and ChickFilA if you get a chance. What a wonderful week we had last week. We are thrilled you all got so much accomplished last Friday!

A note from your ITF (instructional technology facilitator)

The BCPS Technology Department is offering Personalized Professional Development this year! Check out our intro video and the

PDChallenge Web Page for more information! Kristin will be providing follow-up at the October 1st and October 8th staff meetings.

Some Funny Faces and Times to Brighten Your Week: