September 19

Newsletter 2.8

Easing into a Normal Schedule

Hello Huffines!

We are easing our way into a regular as regular can be bell schedule. M,T & F we will be on an 8 period day with advisory while W & TH will be Block Lunch days with no advisory.

Sub Folders

Do not forget to add information in your sub folder for your duty location and your club responsibility.

Teacher Hours

Please remember teachers are to be on campus at 8:15 and the end of your day is 4:15 pm. If you will be later or need to leave earlier make sure you contact your PDAS person.

SIOP Refreshers

Each teacher needs to sign up for SIOP refresher training even if you have not had SIOP training.

Bell to Bell Instruction

We need to ensure we are utilizing all the time we can in the classrooms. It is too early to have students pack up with time left in the period. Also, you continue to do this now, students will always expect it and they will not want to work the last minutes of the period in the spring.

If you have taken pictures please share them with us on twitter by using the #HuffinesMS or tagging @HuffinesMS

If you need anything or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. If you need me my cell phone number is 214-878-0477.


When Your Parents Speak Broken English

When Your Parents Speak Broken English

Getting to Know Kayla Smith

Position: 7th Grade ELAR Teacher

Family: I am the Oldest of 5 and I have 1 son

College:University of Louisiana at Lafayette

(S)He would live: An out island in The Bahamas

Favorite Meal:Seafood - crab/lobster/shrimp/conch

Biggest Fear:Not fulfilling a purpose

Song (s)he would sing at Karaoke night? Bob Marley Lauryn Hill~"Turn your lights down low" OR "Not an easy road" ~ Buju

His(her) warning label would say? Handle with care; can be more than what it appears

Pet Peeve:Liers/Lies

Collects: Shoes/Heels

Years in education:5

Years in LISD:1

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Bell Schedule with Advisory & Block Lunch

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Advisory Lessons for this week

Monday: Refection Writing on Block Lunch

Tuesday: Finish Respect Activity

Wednesday: Club Time

Thursday: Club Time

Friday: Study Hall

Future Dates to put on your calendar

Sept 19: 8th grade team meets during Advisory

Sept 21 & 22: SIOP Refresher Part 1 of 6 - in Flex Space Room 1305

Sept 26: Picture Day, Don't forget to go get your picture made in the small gym

Oct 1: Huffines Family Ranger Game

Oct 3: E-Portfolio Training in the Flex Space during conference periods - Artifacts, Reflection, Content Teacher Role

Oct 14 - Harvest Festival

Oct 19 - LHS Homecoming Parade

Oct 21 - Student Early Release, we need to come up with a schedule

Nov 11: Technology Training 2: Google Sites on the iPad - Flex space, bring your iPad

Are you looking for us?

Last year some teachers shared they would like information on who is in the office and who is out of the office. This way you do not come looking for us, and we are not here.


Tuesday: Holt out in the AM

Wednesday: Mr. Edwards out in the AM



Huffines Middle School

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We Dream, We Believe, and We will Succeed!

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