The Newsletter for SUHSD Teacher Induction and Residency

April 2019

Final Quarter of the 2018-19 School Year

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What Is Teacher Induction?

Induction is the process by which a teacher earns eligibility for recommendation to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for issue of a Clear Teaching Credential. A teacher must earn a Clear credential within five years of activating her/his Preliminary credential. The SUHSD currently provides access to a 24-month, CTC-approved Induction program at no cost to nearly 150 eligible teachers.

Primary Goal of Teacher Induction: Ensure Effective First Instruction for Each Student on a Daily Basis

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This year alone, SUHSD will recommend nearly 70 Teachers to CTC for Issue of Clear Credentials by June, 2019

Since our program was reactivated in 2016, we will have recommended over 220 Teachers to CTC for issue of Clear credentials.

Over 100 experienced SUHSD teachers have served as Induction Mentors throughout the past three years.

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Mentor Attributes Mirror Candidate Needs

Induction Mentor Team for 2019-20

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The Induction Mentor Team for 2019-20 will support approximately 130 Candidates next year. Mentors teach at nearly every site and represent all content areas. The Mentor Team was composed to address expected needs (content, site, grade level, existing relationships) of Candidates who will continue in our program next year.
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What is "Mentoring" in the SUHSD?

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New Mentors Will Participate in a Two-day Orientation Process

See presentation slides for Day One (April 22, 2019) linked here.

Day Two (May 7, 2019)

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The SUHSD wins an $800,000 Year One Teacher Residency grant from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing

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Residency provides pre-service teacher candidates access to outstanding mentors and a system of support

Building on a previous award of $50,000 for a Capacity grant (October 2018), The Commission on Teacher Credentialing has awarded funding through the Full Teacher Residency Grant Program to the Sweetwater Union High School District. Our Teacher Residency grant enhances and expands the “teacher pipeline” through which talent flows into the SUHSD. It builds on district experience with the Math/Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) and the SUHSD Teacher Induction program to improve experiences for preservice teachers. The California Department of Education (CDE) and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) have launched an initiative to support “teacher residents,” people who will spend at least half of each day engaged with students at school sites for a whole year while enrolled in university coursework leading toward a preliminary teaching credential. The effort targets Science, Math and Special Education teachers, especially those who are bilingual. Teacher Residents will collaborate in small teams under the guidance of experienced and skilled “Resident Coach” teachers to meet CTC's clinical practice (student teaching) requirements and other program-specific expectations. Early, quality and accountable exposure to students and members of the school community will provide residents opportunities to learn about people, processes and expectations; it will improve retention and instructional effectiveness. In partnership with UCSD’s Teacher Education Program, SDSU’s School of Teacher Education, SDSU Special Education and SDSU Dual Language and English Learner Education, the SUHSD will use Residency grant funding to develop and implement a program attracting and preparing exemplary teacher candidates who will significantly benefit our students once hired to teach in our schools.
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The Teacher Pipeline for STEM and Education Specialists begins with undergraduates.

The SUHSD provides funds for all schools for Math Tutors this year with the expectation that an MSTI model will guide program implementation.

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The SUHSD Teacher Induction Joint Governance Panel (JGP) Oversees our Program

The JGP is composed of teachers and administrators from across the district

Julia Anker (MOH)

Mark Brickley (ELH)

Ola Hadi (ORH)

Carla Jacobs (CVH)

Christian Moreno (ELM)

Karen Thompson (GJH)

Jessica Vargas (BVH)

Maribel Gavin (SUH)

Melanie Kray (ORH)

Juan Ulloa (RDR)

Louie Zumstein (HTM)

See notes from the last (April 18, 2019) Teacher Induction Joint Governance Panel meeting linked below.

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Mentor Aly Martinez and Candidate Alicia Bena (SUH) selected as 2019 USD Johnson Fellows!

A week-long experience will engage both teachers in consideration of how best to support students with special needs. Learn more from the link below.

College Preparatory Math (CPM) Learning Walk at BVH!

Mentor Aly Martinez collaborated with math leadership from SUHSD and Grossmont to visit BVH teacher colleagues Essie Orozco and Lisa O'Donoghue on a CPM-focused learning walk on 3/19/19. Pilot Teacher Residents Brenda Melendrez (MOH) and Jesus Alvarado (OLH) joined Interns Nate Walker (HTH) and Zezhen Yao (SOH).


Q4 Induction Mentor Workshop: March 11 & 12, 2019

Goals of this workshop included:

  1. Reflect on and identify the positive impact of Induction on the SUHSD.

  2. Anticipate and plan for working with administrators.

  3. Think ahead to the Q4 Candidate Workshop: Modeling Best Practices.

  4. Explore topics of interest and problem-solve as needed.

Find presentation slides for this workshop linked here and on the SUHSD Teacher Induction web page linked here.

Q4 Induction Candidate Seminar: April 15 & 16, 2019

Learning Target:

By the end of the seminar, I will evaluate how Universal Design for Learning strategies can provide access to my learning goals for all students in my class.

Find presentation slides for this workshop linked here and on the SUHSD Teacher Induction web page linked here.

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Candidates participated in a green-yellow-red activity and submitted commitments for future action. Here are excerpts; complete list of commitments is linked below.

Reflecting on the topic of access i commit to providing more choices when it comes to assessing student learning. This shall allow students more options and choice and motivate them in contributing to class.

I will start providing students with opportunities to self assess by providing them with immediate feedback and it will allow students to reflect and notice what they need to work on.

I will start providing choices such as in note taking and topics. This will provide the most access because it will give students more autonomy.

Using quick quizzes will let me know AND my students know what they have mastered and what they need more work on.

I commit to start doing student-graded assessments which will improve access in my classroom because it will give students direct feedback as well as participate in evaluating 'correct' answers and errors.

I will plan on starting in my practice to have my student data collect and track their own progress in academic areas.

Reflecting on the topic of access, I commit to creating a portfolio in order to show students their growth and demonstrate the "why" behind our work (NGSS standards).

I will start incorporating alternative representations for vocabulary/clarity because not all students understand things/concepts in the same way, so having multiple access points (visuals, audio, tactile) will help ensure that all students can access the material

I will stop assuming that my Co-teach classes cannot “handle” certain lessons/activists that include reflection and group engagement. They are capable and deserve the same opportunity as my other students.

I plan to stop blazing through content simply to be finished.

Reflecting on the topic of access, I commit to stop talking to my students and start talking with them.

I commit to stop providing materials without explicit guidance (i.e., recall, tapping into background knowledge/ experience) and specific time stamps to mark student progress. All materials should connect to the PURPOSE for learning -- which can be identified as an essential question, guiding questions or activities throughout the text, etc. I need to make the PURPOSE explicit so that students can apply their knowledge to current, past, and future content.


Semester 2 Round Tables: May 20 (OLH) and May 21 (L Street: PDC and environs)

Candidates and Mentors attend ONE of these workshops. Each begins at 4 p.m. and ends at 6.

DRAFT Calendar of 2019-20 SUHSD Teacher Induction Events

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