The Zipper!

aka the new and improved "Clasp Locker"

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What is a zipper?

A zipper is a fastening device consisting of two metal rows that fasten when the slider is pulled up and unfastened with it is pulled down

Who invented the zipper?

Two men who goes by the names of Gideon Sundback and Whitcomb Judson created the zipper in Chicago of 1893
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Zipper vs. Button

The zipper is the new and improved button. Even though they dont look anything alike they have the same purpose. The most important difference is the fact that zippers are way faster than buttoning something. This product will make your life so much easier.

What products do zippers go on and how are they used?

Zippers go on all kinds of things. They go on most types of clothes such as jackets, jeans and boots. Zippers are used to fasten your clothing and is way more effective than buttons. Everyone is getting them so if you want to be cool then you have to get them too!
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Your life will be so much better if you use zippers so you have got to buy it right now.

Gianna Disalvatore


What I have learned about zippers is that they are very handy in everyday life and we still use them now. Zippers are an example of evolution because they improved of the idea of buttons. Ever since then we have been building off the ideas of zippers and improving on it. For this presentation I used the bandwagon method. I found it effective because people usually like to run with the crowd.