CFD Gymnastics

Week 4

This Week In Class!

We've had so much fun in Session one of CFD gymnastics, I hope that you all will join us for session two, beginning next week! We'll continue building on the skills we've learned as well as adding more new skills - but as always, new friends are welcome to join!

This week we began with some ribbon time, then worked on tightening up our handstands even more! Eventually we want to be able to hold the handstands tall and then roll down from them, so we're focusing on being really, really strong and tall in those!

We also worked on straddle front rolls, which is a more advanced version of the regular front roll. There's a video of these below!

While we worked on straddle front rolls, we also practiced beginning cartwheels over a mat, starting and ending in lunges.

We ended our class today with the parachute, which is always a crowd favorite! See if you can help but smiling when you see it!

Thank you for sharing your gymnasts with me this session! It has really been a joy to teach them!

Ribbon fun to warmup!


Our lunges!

Big image

Those Straddle Front Rolls!


Parachute time!


Fun Video of the Week - Acrobatic Gymnastics Demonstration

Chinese acrobats use teammate as a jump rope
Thank you again! I hope you'll join us for session two!