Sixth Grade Language Arts

Quarter 3

Welcome to Quarter Three!

It is hard to believe that your students are already half way through sixth grade! They have worked very hard in second quarter and have grown tremendously. It has not been an easy quarter with all of they new skills we are learning. Reading non-fiction, essay writing, and learning grammar are difficult and new to your sixth graders. I constantly remind students that these skills are like riding a bike. It is unrealistic to be perfect the first try. Practice makes perfect, and we will continue to practice these skills this upcoming quarter. I am proud of the perseverance and hard work I have seen from your children.

Book Reports

Students did an awesome job with book reports second quarter! I was very impressed by their creative projects and the wonderful books that they selected. We will continue to do book reports for quarter three. Grade level students are expected to read two books a quarter, while advanced students should be reading three. Book reports should include a ten sentence summary and recommendation.