by Lucy

Interesting Facts About Antarctica

Did you know

Antarctica is the driest, windiest, emptiest and coldest place on earth

Antarctica is estimated to be 14 million square kilometres which is around twice the size of Australia

70% of the earths fresh water is in Antarctica

There are no polar bears in Antarctica. Polar bears only live in the Arctic

There are lots of animals in Antarctica such as: Penguins, Whales, seals, Krill and other larger fish

Antarctica is the southern most continent

Good Things

Some humans may have done their wrongs but some do it right by replanting plants, taking animals away breeding them an then taking them back. Some people might even reintroduce a species or two. Also scientists are a good thing because they are the one educating us about Antarctica. There is also an Antarctica treaty is signed by 49 countries saying they will prohibit most activities.

Not So Good Things

For more than 100 years humans have been going to Antarctica and they haven't just left footprints! Humans have been killing, disturbing and hunting animals, contaminating soil, littering and polluting Antarctica. Global warming, over fishing, whaling and sealing. destroying habitats and food supply.


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