Lenni Lenape Indians

KayKay, Mason, Lindsay, Chambers

KayKay's Paragraph

The Lenni Lenape were a group of Indians located on the Delaware River. They were also known as the Delaware Indians because of their location. The Lenni Lenape lived by the Delaware River, where they could have water. This river is located in the Middle Atlantic States. From northern Delaware to southeastern New York and from the Atlantic Ocean to the forests in Pennsylvania is where the Lenni Lenape made their home. The Europeans were crushed in the 17th century by warfare with other Native American tribes and epidemics, which brought them to a location which is where the Lenni Lenape lived. These Lenape Indians were only a scrap of a large group of people from long ago, when William Penn arrived in 1682 to make his treaty of peace. For more than three centuries (about 1600-1900) the Lenni Lenape were battered with warfare from other Native American tribes, European settlement, and the expansion of the growing American nation, these events startled the Lenape Indians. Problems like these caused the Lenape to relocate and move. In the end of the chaos, the Lenni Lenape Indians ended up being a pretty large group of Indians. During the 19th century the Lenni Lenape population droped to about 2,000 Lenape. These were just the ones living in the United States or Canada, though. During the 20th century the tribe has stabilized and is now consisting of about 20,000 Lenape, which is very strong. The most of the Lenape, nearly 20,000, live in Oklahoma. Around 10,000 Lenape live in east Oklahoma. The Lenape living in Oklahoma were recently considered to be a part of the Cherokee Nation, which a long time ago, lost their independence. There was even a legal battle with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the Lenni Lenape Indians finally got to regain their federal recognition as an independent group of Indians in 1996. To this day, they have their tribal office at Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Their official name is “Delaware Tribe of Indians, Lenni Lenape.”

Mason's Paragraph

The Lenni Lenape Tribe is a group of North American Indians who lived in Delaware, I found out they moved up to the Delaware around the 1400’s.To survive they mainly depended on farming and hunting. To farm they used tools made out of stone, wood, and bones. They used these tools for self-defense and also to make wigwams which are houses made of bent branches and bark. All tribes have a leader named the chief. The chief was decided by the eldest women who dismissed and said who the leader was. But sadly they had to move their homeland because of the new settlers and the Treaty of Greenville which happened around 1795.

Chambers Paragraph

In the 1600s there were Indians called the Lenni lanape. They are from Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Their clothing was made from animal hides, and decorated with beads, shells, and ext. They boys in the tribe often tried to show their strength by wrestling, raced, tossed spears, and jumped obstacles. In the village they had houses made out of bark, they were called, wigwams. The Lenni Lenape started in about the 1600s. They are still a group today, but they aren’t the same people, of course.

Lindsay's Paragraph

The Lenape were not one tribe, they were many tribes. In fact, they were three groups that made up the tribe. They are the descendants of those Nanticoke and Lenape who remained, or returend, to our ancient homeland after many of our relatives suffered removal and forced migrations ro the mid western United States or into Canada. With the coming of the Europeans, many native americans died of foregin diseases or were driven westward.