Defining moments for canada


Canada has played a very significant and valuable role in the world since a long time and this vital role has continued to this very day. Canada's contribution has given it a much larger and more influential role on the world stage. Canada has always stepped forward to help its allied nations and always will. There are many events that made our country proud. The four defining moments for Canada are- the hundred days, discovery of insulin, medical care insurance act and the arrival of Syrian refugees to Canada.
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The hundred days

The Hundred Days was a series of major battles that took place in the final phase of the Great War on the Western front between August and November 1918.

The hundred days campaign by the Canadian soldiers played a major role in allied victory. With the infantry and artillery working in a combined arms system, also with airpower, machine-guns, mortars, chemical weapons, and armored vehicles, the German armies were driven back and defeated.Canada gained recognition by signing the Treaty of Versailles independently in 1919 that formally ended the war. Canada had separate representation at the conference where the treaty was negotiated, which marked an important stage in Canada’s moment towards Canadian independence from Great Britain. Furthermore, by the end of the war; what in 1914 had been only a colonial contingent, was now a Canadian national army.


  • From Amiens to Cambrai to Valenciennes to Mons, Canadians became known as “shock troops” and contributed heavily to the pressure that finally forced the Germans to seek terms of surrender.
  • The Canada Remembers Program of Veterans Affairs Canada encourages all Canadians to learn about the sacrifices and achievements made by those who have served—and continue to serve—during times of war and peace.
  • During “Canada’s Hundred Days,” 30 Canadians earned the Victoria Cross, the highest award for military valour they could receive.


“Let me for a moment say something about war. We picture war as a business of banners flying, men smiling, full of animation, guns belching forth, and all that sort of thing. One, somehow or other, gets the impression that there is a great deal of glory and glamour about the battlefield. I never saw any of it. I want you to understand that war is simply the curse of butchery, and men who have gone through it, who have seen war stripped of all its trappings, are the last men that will want to see another war.”

-General Sir Arthur Currie

Post war newspapers

Discovery of insulin

In Toronto, Canada, Dr Frederick Banting and medical student Charles Best perform experiments on the pancreases of dogs. Therefore, discovering insulin. Discovery of insulin was one of the biggest discoveries for Canada and the world. its a defining moment for Canada because when Frederick Banting and Charles Best discovered Insulin, it put Canada under the spotlight, It proved that Canada was becoming an independent nation, and that our researchers were just as able as researchers from other countries. Frederick Banting was awarded the first Nobel prize ever given to a Canadian. This was a shining beacon to Canadians everywhere. It will always be remembered as "Canada's greatest medical innovation".

Medical Care Insurance Act Jan 1st, 1962

Medical care insurance act was important to Canada because before Medicare was introduced, hospitals were very strict with patient’s which they had treated. They did not serve according to the seriousness of the patient’s accident or illness, but by the amount of money the patients had.

On July 1st of 1962, Saskatchewan’s Medical Act came into effect. Medicare was first introduced in Saskatchewan, and many people seemed to be against it. The more Medicare unraveled, the more people began to realize the importance and significance of it.Different provinces had different reactions to the Act. Many doctors disagreed and did not want the Act to be passed.

Medicare insurance act was defining moment for Canada because as all of Canada was running under Canada’s universal health system, Medicare,the world had begun to realize that Medicare was an important factor of Canada. Furthermore, Canada’s accomplishment was recognized throughout the world, and Medicare was a long path towards equal rights and services for all Canadians.

Role of Tommy Douglas to achieve universal heath care in 1961

  • Tommy Douglas, then Premier of Saskatchewan and the founder of Medicare, fought hard and long to achieve universal health care in 1961.
  • By 1972, Douglas’s conviction that no one’s health should depend on wealth was translated into a national policy, as medicare became a reality in Canada.
  • Video- Tommy Douglas at the 1979 S.O.S. Medicare Conference in Ottawa. The Canadian Health Coalition was formed as a result of this meeting.
Tommy Douglas - 1979 S.O.S. Medicare Conference

The multiculturalism act

The Canadian Multiculturalism Act of 1988 provided a legislative framework for the official policy of multiculturalism adopted by the government in 1971. The act sought to protect the cultural heritage of Canadians, reduce discrimination and encourage the implementation of multicultural programs and activities within institutions and organizations. Also,the act emphasized the right of all individuals to preserve and share their cultural heritage while keeping their right to full and unbiased participation in Canadian society. Furthermore,the 1971 Multiculturalism Policy of Canada also confirmed the rights of Aboriginal people.


"In a world darkened by ethnic conflicts that tear nations apart, Canada stands as a model of how people of different cultures can live and work together in peace, prosperity, and mutual respect"
- Bill Clinton

Multiculturalism festival flyers

Canada on Syrian refugees crises

  • Canada has committed almost 1 billion in humanitarian, development and security assistance in response to the Syria crisis.
    • The ongoing conflict in Syria has triggered the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today.
    • Canada has made various international efforts to support the Syrian people, including those living as refugees in neighboring countries.
    • In addition, the government of Canada has welcomed more than 25,000 Syrian refugees, also, Canada is providing security-related assistance to address the impact of the Syrian crisis.
    Lifeline Syria


    In conclusion, Canada’s contribution in world war one and world war two has given it a much larger and more influential role on the world stage. Nevertheless, Canada has done a great job in the field of technology, heath care etc. when people around the world were dying from a merciless disease, Canadian scientist discovered insulin, which was a significant discovery that saved thousands of lives all over the world. During the Pierre Trudeau era, Premier of Saskatchewan, Tommy Douglas, fought hard to universal health care for Canada in 1961, which is today a great factor in Canada that makes our country equal. Also, under prime minister Pierre Trudeau the multiculturalism act was introduced and passed which makes canada the great country it is today. People from around the world immigrate to Canada because of Canada’s diverse culture, equal rights etc. At last, Canada went through a lot of ups and downs to make itself an independent and proud country it is today.


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