NFHS Orchestras

Holiday Concert Monday December 14th, 7:30 PM

  • Students must arrive at 6:30 PM to tune and warm-up
  • Concert Uniforms
  • Girls: Since the shrugs are not available right now, a cardigan (black, red, blue, or green) or some sort of sweater/top to cover the shoulders. Can be holiday-themed.
  • Holiday-themed hats are OK as long as they do not impede performance or are too distracting.
  • Cello & Bass students must bring home instrument
  • Black shoes/socks

Holiday Concert Afterglow

We'll be having an afterglow following Monday night's concert. Please have your student bring one of the following items to the tables in the lobby prior to the concert and before heading to warm-ups! Thanks so much. If you have any questions, please email Patti Richards at

Items are by last name-

A-G: Cookies/Cupcakes/Brownies, etc

H-M: Chips

N-T: Paper plates and napkins

U-Z: Two-Liter Beverage

Thank you to Patti for organizing this again!

Day For Strings, Saturday January 9th

Students were supposed to turn in their Day For Strings registration along with a payment of $14 last week. There are still some students who need to turn theirs in. A copy of the form is attached on the NFHS Orchestras website at .

Concert Orchestra is in the AM session of Day for Strings

Symphony Orchestra is in the PM session of Day for Strings.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help, but did not indicate this on the registration form, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you!!

There are a few Orchestra parents who I would like to thank for all of their help recently:

  • Lori Sawyer - Lori has been helping re-catalogue all of the string orchestra music in the music library. Her work is making such a big difference in the music library, and I greatly appreciate the time that she has dedicated to this task.
  • Kathy Hill - Kathy has joined the Band & Orchestra Booster Board as Vice President in charge of Fund Raising and has been doing a great job getting things moving this year.
  • Tiffany Vietor - Tiffany took over the Little Ceasars fund raiser this year and got it all set and organized in one weekend.
  • Patti Richards - Patti helped organize the afterglow at our October concert and is again organizing the afterglow for our upcoming concert.

Thank you so much to these ladies for their time and efforts to support the orchestras and the music program at NFHS.

Thank you also to the many other parents involved with the Boosters. There are many ways that you can also help, simply by joining the organization. Membership is annual, so make sure to join or renew your membership. If you would like to get more involved helping the orchestra program please let me know.