Secondary Update

Monday 16 March 2015

Thank you the Year 8 and 9 camping staff an especially Nigel, Tina and Brandon for the organisation of them. Faizaan had a huge smile on his face as he described camp as "AMAZING!" when he returned.

... to Susie, Amanda and Madeleine for hosting universities this week for our Y11-13s. A steady stream of opportunities for them now as they look to shape their plans - more coming this week. Peter L and Natalie for the ACAMIS Badminton trip to Beijing which yielded a silver medal everyone who has contributed to the moderation samples which are due this week - a massive task for all involved

Who to see, for next few days.

  • Sue Thomas absent 16-18 (Y7-9 issues → BMN / AGN)

  • Andy KF absent 17-25 inclusive (SLT if required → PLK/MBH)

  • Adrian absent 19-20 (Y10 issues→ STS / BMN)

  • Kirsty absent 19-20 (Y10 issues → STS / BMN)

Lots of Art...

Reminder of the Diploma Art Exhibition opening on Tuesday

Also Fiona's exhibition in the North Plaza

Our support for both will be much appreciated.

Have a great day and week.....