A Peek at the Week

March 24, 2019

John Hattie discovered that teachers are far more likely to have a large and positive impact if they:

  • Are passionate about helping their students learn
  • Forge strong relationships with their students
  • Are clear about what they want their students to learn
  • Adopt evidence-based teaching strategies
  • Monitor their impact on students’ learning, and adjust their approaches accordingly
  • Actively seek to improve their own teaching
  • Are viewed by the students as being credible

You are far more likely to have a low (or even negative) impact if you:

  • Repeat students
  • Label students (fixed mindset)
  • Have low expectations

The Time Is Finally Here! Our Colt's Players will be presenting Aladdin this Thursday and Friday!!


I enjoyed talking with many of you Friday after your class and hearing your excitement as we move into the fourth nine weeks as a homework free school. The research is crystal clear about the positive effects of reading on a child's academic ability. Our charge is to increase the volume of reading for all of our students. One way to do this is by giving our student's time at home to read. When students have 30 minutes to an hour of written homework each night, they are less likely to pick up a book to read following that. In addition, our Goalpost teachers will be able to give students time to read. They will be able to confer with them as these are the students who more than likely have no one to encourage reading at home.

You are the determining factor in the success of this initiative. By building excitement for books in your classroom, making sure each student has a just right book in his/her book bag at the end of each day, making time to confer with your students about the books they are reading, sending messages through SeeSaw encouraging parents to read with and/or to their children, and showing your excitement about books will make your children want to read.

You are more than welcome to have your children begin keeping their iPads at school each day in order to free them up from being on technology. We have already set the date of April 22nd for iPads to stop going home in order to make sure we have them all at school for testing anyway.

I will begin advertising this to our parents tomorrow through FB and weekly calls. Remember that this is a schoolwide plan. You can assign studying for quizzes and tests, as these should not be excessive each week anyway.

If you have any questions, just let me know. Thank you for walking alongside me as we work to help our students increase their volume of reading.

Remember Matt this week!

Matt will be having sinus surgery Wednesday. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

Word of the week: Pitter-patter

Upcoming Dates:

March 26th: End of 3rd nine weeks

March 28th: K-2 to see Aladdin at middle school

March 29th: 3-5 to see Aladdin at middle school

April 1st: Grades need to be entered

April 3rd: Report Cards Go Home

April 4th: Cap and Gown pics

April 5th: MAP closes

April 9th: Baby Shower for Shelby

April 12th: Strings to Peace Center