Technology at Lineville

By: Ty Gansebom

Typing Web

1.In Typing Web I got faster at typing and helped me get more accurate.

2.Typing Web helped me learn home-row and not look at the keyboard as much.

3.I started with like maybe 15 wpm and now i have like 25-30 wpm.


1.I like iTrailer because I like how you can be able to put what you want in and make a good looking trailer.

2.The iTrailer project was cool to me because its all about you.

3.iTrailer is a good app in my opinion because you can use it for fun or as an assignment.


1.I like Career Locker because it starts to give you a path of jobs.

2.Career Locker is a nice program to me because you can explore a lot of jobs.

3.I like how you can explore colleges and jobs.

Haiku Deck

1.I like Haiku Deck because it show what kind of person you are.

2.Haiku Deck is a good program in my opinion because you can make a whole presentation about what you want to be.

3.The Haiku Deck app was fun because you can find a lot of pictures, and backgrounds.

Explain Everything

1.Explain Everything was fun because you could make a video of your work.

2.I liked explain Everything because it can record your voice but take a video of your work.

3.With Explain Everything you can show the class your work with a video and can share it with other people,

Hour of Code

1.The Hour of Code was really fun because it had a lot of games you could play.

2.I like Hour of code because you could create your own games and play them.

3. Hour of code is a good program because it teaches you how to trigger things and make stuff appear on the screen.

Email Etiquette

1.Email Etiquette is fun because you could pick a topic and write an Email about it.

2.I learned a lot about sending Emails and what to not send and what to type.

3.The work that we had to do to kind of study it was fun too.