Promote a More Strict Phone Policy

By: Jihan Khalaf, a student at CHS

Your phone isn't the key to success, you are!


The usage of phones especially texting and social networking during class develops a major distraction. This results in affecting students' grades, especially education.

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Yes because this results in students passing throughout the year and increase their rates of getting good grades.

Some Evidence

  1. "It's like note-passing, that's what I equate it to," Lingertat-Putnam said. "Whether it's passing notes or texting, there are always going to be students who are disengaged or distracted, ( Lingertat-Putnam: associate professor in Saint Rose college)."
  2. "Some students also see texting as a drawback only for themselves because they are the ones missing part of the lecture. Lingertat-Putnam still sees it as rude, (Matthew Hamilton, 1)."