by-Michelle Gonzalez

Paris facts

My dream vacation was to go to Paris which is located in France. I want to visit this place because it is the city of love and lights. My destination is great because it has plenty of places you can visit.

Some interesting facts about Paris, France are -

*Paris has a Disneyland

* City of Lights

*Paris is a very visited place

*The Eiffel Tower

*You can marry a dead person in France

*there are more dogs in Paris than Children

*City of Love

*smoking is allowed everywhere

*no buildings can be taller than 6 stories

*population 2.211 million


It takes approximately 10 hours and 23 minutes, 5,000.1 miles to go to Paris. When we go I will bring Yuridia (cousin), Mariana (cousin), Nancy (friend), Kassandra (friend), Michelle M. (friend), boyfriend (if I have one by then). When we go we will probably go in an airplane. I will stay about 2 weeks in Paris.


I would probably be staying in Victoria Palace Hotel. Its a four star hotel and has classic rooms with flat-screen TVs & free WiFi, plus a bar & an elegant breakfast room. I will probably pack shirts, crop-tops, pants, shorts, swimsuits, undergarment, girl necessities, accessories,and shoes.


I would probably take about 20 thousand dollars (Paris is a very expensive place). I would probably take 500 hundred dollars for lodging. I would probably waste about 1 thousand dollars a day. For food I will waste 200 hundred dollars a day. I would waste 2 thousand dollars for my plane to get there and when I'm there i would travel by taxi (100 dollars).


When I'm there I will probably visit the Eiffel Tower, Disney Land, and some museums. At Paris, France there is a lot to do from walking through there wonderful parks to going to Disney Land. At Paris the biggest thing I want to do is visit the Eiffel Tower. Since I was little I always wanted to find my true love there right now it must be impossible but in the City of Love and Lights anything is possible.

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