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February 2014

TCEA 2014

Last week I was given the opportunity to attend the TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) Convention in Austin, TX. While I was there, I attended several break-out sessions and came home with a pocketful of technology treats that I will be sharing throughout the rest of the school year.

Technology Treats


The first tool I want to share is Smore...which is an online tool that allows users to create online flyers, newsletters, and brochures, etc. In fact, it is the tool I used to create this newsletter...and as you can of the great features of this tool is that it allows you to embed your creation right into a web page. Cool, huh?!

I like this tool for classroom newsletters because it makes it easy for teachers to create/update anywhere there is an internet connection...and you can do so straight from a mobile device like an iPad. It also makes it easy if more than one teacher on a team is updating the newsletter. You don't have to save copies and email them back and forth. Everyone can just log in to the same account and update the flyer.

It also allows users to add different kinds of items such as events (like the Spring Break event I added below), pictures, image gallery, videos, bios, text blocks, buttons, audio, and forms. So...mix it up and add a little bit of everything! are some ideas for classroom use:

  • Classroom/Grade Level Newsletter
  • Student project brochures/flyers
  • Showcase/Gallery of 'This Week in Our Class', Field Trips, Special School/Classroom Events
  • Staff and/or Parent Weekly Updates
  • Advertisements
  • All About Me
  • Subject/Topic specific flyers
  • Save the Date
  • How-To/Persuasion Writing Product
  • Book Reviews
  • Student Spotlight

  • The list could go on and on...

And the great thing is that there is no copies you have to make. It's all online and all you have to do is type it out and share it by embedding it, sending the link in an email, post to Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Spring Break

Monday, March 10th, 12am

Wherever you want to go...

Don't forget to sleep in!