Educational Apps in the Classroom

Using iOS and Apple Products

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What it is? It is an app/SMS system that can be used to send out reminders, homework announcements, feedback, as well as One-Way communication between teacher and students/parents.

Why would it be useful? It could be useful for any grade and can help parents feel accountable for their child's learning. This can be used on an app or via SMS (for parents without smartphones), which helps to alleviate potential barriers. Teachers can send out messages without having to give out their personal information. Personally, Remind has been great for me this semester and has helped me to remember complete assignments that I may have forgotten to do with my crazy schedule.

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Phonics Genius

What it is? A flashcard app that helps students learn how to articulate and pronounce words. Students can record and listen how they pronounce words compared to proper annunciation, as well as quiz themselves on proper spelling!

Why would it be useful? It would be useful for more K-Grade 4 kids who are starting to learn how to read and spell. It has a lot of great reviews and also was talked about being used for Adult ESL (English as a Second Language) students! I would definitely use this in the classroom if I was going to be a Elementary Ed teacher.

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Drop Box

What it is? Is a online file sharing service that can be used to share pictures, videos, documents, important folders, etc. They can be used to share in groups, one-on-one, or simply to yourself so you never have to worry about losing important files!

Why would it be useful? It is useful because as a teacher I could share notes, quizzes and assignments to students and they could access them off any device. Instead of handing out paper assignments or notes I could directly upload it and they could choose to have an online version or be able to print it off and have a heard copy of it!

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What it is? It is an app where you can watch/stream TED Talks, which are short (18 minutes or less) podcasts from the world's most influential speakers. They give accurate and to the point information that helps bring understanding and light to many different issues.

Why would it be useful? I would use this app in a Grade 7-12 Social Studies class. Reason being is that TED Talks are good, quality sources of information on current events. An assignment could be pick a TED Talk and prepare a short summary to share in class with your classmates. This gets students involved with the world around them and helps them to synthesize media into short chunks!

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What it is? An app that can be used offline to replace a dictionary or thesaurus.

Why would it be useful? It could be useful in many different subjects to understand difficult words, writing a paper, enhancing writing, increasing vocabulary, reading comprehension etc. It could be used from K-12, specifically in subject areas that include lots of writing like English and Social Studies.

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