Short Term Change

By: Andrew Hodges / Humphries (2nd) / November 17

Volcanic Eruption

How long does it take to recover?

- up to 10 years for plants (depends on rainfall)

Effects of volcanic eruption...

- plants destroyed

- animals and livestock are killed

- Aquatic life can be affected by an increase in acidity

- change in temperature

- change in food supply


In the area surrounding Mount St. Helens, animals ranging from rabbits and mice to bobcats and bears thrive in the forests and flat lands. Animals are able to sense changes in the land around them, giving them ample time to retreat from the area when an eruption of any magnitude is imminent. This ability allows species to survive and adapt to any volcanic location.

What happens to animals?

- lava might kill them

- ashes might hurt them

- plants die so animals can't eat