Rain Forest Deforestation

By Alex Rider


Rain forest deforestation affects several animals. It destroys their homes and reduces their living space. Animals that are forced out of their homes often die either by lack of resources or by poachers.
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Several native groups live in the rain forests. When trees are cut down these people are forced to leave their homes and move to unfamiliar places.

Logging also allows for illegal activities. Land thieves, poachers, ranchers and farmers are all interested in this land. Loggers often make roads through the forests to create space for transporting logs. Once the loggers leave other people follow these roads and make the land look as if they own it, they then create fake titles for the land.

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Rain forests produce about half of their rainfall through release from trees. When trees are cut down the amount of water able to be released for rain decreases, reducing the amount of rain fall a rain forest gets. This has a huge effect of life. Drought caused by logging leaves other trees in the area dry out and die. Severe droughts also lead to forest fires which can destroy entire forests. Trees that are burned either due to forest fires or for clearing land emit large amounts of green house gasses, slowly warming the earths climate, adding to the progression of global warming.

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