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Major Applause for all the Rockstars!

Hoopla Recap!

Our team had an amazing time earlier this month at Hoopla! For many it was their first time and others their 2nd or even 3rd! There were 12 Signature Haute Dots from our team and we plan to double that next year!

Hear what a few attendees had to say:

"This was my first HOOPLA and it was life changing on so many levels!
Among my many ah-ha moments, the most profound was the realization of my Stella & Dot purpose. I not only style women in fabulous jewels and accessories, but I help them to be the best version of themselves and empower them to dream with their eyes wide open! "
-Paulette Payne

"My biggest take away were the concepts of "20 seconds of courage" and "do 1% better each day." Both phrases have really empowered me to reach more people and to be more successful in my business. Since hoopla I have booked two trunk shows, handed out a bunch of mini's to strangers, sent my first monthly "check-in" email to my existing clients, organized a sample sale, started a mystery trunk show, and am working on my first blog post for my blog "style confidence." The future looks very sweet!"
- Nicole Barton

"Hoopla was amazing! It was my first time, so I didn't really know what to expect except for a great time with my S&D family. It was that and SO much more. Everything was wonderful, from the time spent with the many amazing woman on our team and getting to know them each a little better, the fashion show, jewelry viewing, training, and INSPIRATION!! I think my biggest take away was the inspiration. I have been inspired to relaunch my business after a few months of inactivity. I hate to say it, but the word "quit" has crossed my mind so many times in the last few months and now QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION. Never give up! Can't wait till next year...Hoopla 2014 in Orlando...who's coming with me?"

-Michele Panczyszyn

I think I can speak for all of us when I say we came home ready to double down and bet on ourselves and our business! Make sure to check out Bringing Hoopla Home videos in SDU so you can catch some of the Hoopla Buzz!
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Our Top 10 in Retails Sales and those who Qualified for the Month of June!

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1 Jennipher Hagenmayer $4125

2 Rene Kauder $3600

3 Felicia Brown $3343

4 Joelly Belman $2980

5 Paige Lloyd $1773

6 Tammy Schowalter $1453

7 Sheila Markowitz $1368

8 Patricia Rush $1096

9 Jennifer Judge $870

10 Adrianna Markowitz $842

11 Jennifer Taylor $835

12 Kisha Brown-Richards $651

13 Tracy Baschke $643

14 Paulette Payne $605

15 Leslie Borkenhagen $536

16 Angela Baumgarten $527

17 Jennifer Borges $515

18 Nicole Barton $503

19 Pamela Wimmer $501

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Rene Kauder, Independent Star Stylist and Mentor

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