Claire Braverman

February 2016 Student Portfolio

Honors English 2

We just finished our unit on Our Town , which we acted out on stage. I am looking forward to working on our next unit which is poetry, Claire has been very enthusiastic about this and I'm looking forward to seeing her shine.

Honors Mathematics for College Readiness

Claire is continuing with her study of Pre-calculus. She has been working on verifying trigonometric identities and inverse trig functions and is working well independently. She has demonstrated her strong problem solving skills and her mathematics maturity. I admire the fact that she readily supports her answers and is resourceful.
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Honors U.S. History

Claire is an excellent student. Her work is always completed in a timely manner and she has excellent analytic and critical thinking skills. We will be concentrating on expository writing and presentation skills this semester. Claire is a fine writer and needs to keep developing her individual writer’s voice. We will focus on developing her use of evidence to back-up her statements, word choice, organization, and formatting (citations) in her written work.

Honors Environmental Science

In this class we are learning about the Environment in relation to Florida. We do current events so the students can know what is happening in the news for the week. It is a pleasure to have Claire in my class. She always completes her work on time. Even if she is absent from school, she is very deligent in finishing her work.

A.P. World History

In the A.P. World History class, we are concentrating on strategies to help Claire navigate the exam. We have discussed methods that will help her answer the multiple choice questions that she does not know or is unsure of. We will also be working on the format and requirements of the DBQs and essays that will be on the test.
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Test Prep

Claire contributes her knowledge of grammar to ACT prep class.
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US History Arts Integration

In US Art, we have chosen the great American illustrator, Norman Rockwell, to help us explore our personal and family values. We are utilizing his illustration techniques to complete our own illustrations. He used photographs and sources for all of his imagery.
Claire did a great job pulling together her source imagery to complete her illustration.
Claire feb

Claire's Update

Total Documented Community Service Hours This Year: 2

Claire currently has logged:
4 absences in Mathematics class
6 absences in English II class
5 absences in Environmental Science Class
5 absences from US History
5 absences from AP History