Point of View

Excelsior Springs, Missouri


"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Albert Einstein

This quote clearly makes you realize that the purpose of time was to separate events from clashing. Therefore people should forget about the past but learn from it; Live the present; Have the future in mind, but don’t overly anticipate it.

Week of March 15 - Recovery Phase 2, Step 2

CCPHC Order - Masks & Social distancing are required indoors until further notice.

Sunday - Daylight Saving Time

Monday - Ides of March, 6PM - City Council Meeting

Wednesday - St. Patrick's Day, 6PM - Chamber Annual Dinner

Upcoming Council Meeting

City Council will consider award of bid for construction of digester at Sewer Treatment Plant to Ross Construction for $1,433,800 [FUNDING: CDBG, Bond, CIP] WHY? Provides redundancy in the treatment process, avoid environmental harm, maintenance costs, fines if single digester is taken out of service;

Consider ordinances to refinance $16.1 Million in Community Center Bonds [FUNDING: Community Center Sales Tax]; to refinance $1.45 Million in Golf Clubhouse bonds [FUNDING: TIF]; to fund up to $6.5 Million to finance improvements at the Community Center [FUNDING: Community Center Sales Tax] WHY? To reduce current debt payments and enables the inclusion of features that were excluded during the original construction.

To Enhance the Quality for All....

  • Chief Maddick is seeking American Heart Association designation for Fire Station to become a training site for CPR classes again
  • Five Fire employees are now certified to install child car seats
  • Huge thank you to Debby Willimetz for entering the 2021 Budget in the Naviline System.

Key Project Update

  • Vaccination supplies are opening up, soon it will be possible to get vaccinated from several locations. ES Hospital has created a vaccination clinic locally that is ideal, last week they gave 436 shots with a focus on seniors; ESH will hold two clinics next week focusing on teachers from Lawson and ES School District. To date, the ESH Clinic has issued around 1,300 shots; the Cerner Campus has issued 26,000+ shots so far, 4% were given to ES residents. Cerner will be going from 3 to 2 days/week issuing 4,000 shots/day.
  • American Recovery Act of 2021 (ARP) approved this week provides funding locally to recover from the effects of COVID, funding to governments will continue support provided by CARES, replace revenue losses, and support water, sewer, or broadband infrastructure projects. Partial funding will be distributed in the next 60-90 days, with the rest to be distributed in 12 months, funds must be spent by end of 2024.
  • Chamber of Commerce has hired Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick to replace outgoing Elaina Lamley as Executive Director of the Chamber.
  • Ameren & ENEL is working to manage large energy users during periods of high usage; our Water and Wastewater Plants are large energy users and we are learning how we can manage our energy loads to avoid peak times.
  • Career Center is coming back to work on the city's bank building downtown. This is a great partnership to provide construction experience and create courtroom with adequate space to function; thanks to Gary Sanson for providing leadership for this project.

Choose Your Attitude!

Flew in today from Lamar, MO & we were so impressed with the welcome we received as it was our first time visiting & most certainly won't be our last. Everyone was so friendly with service being A number 1!! The food topped the charts, the best Reuben I've ever tasted!! The wine was fantastic, all from our state! The shopping was so fun with those one of a kind finds. 10 STARS!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! We cannot wait to come for a longer visit. Email from Lisa Kingsley 3/8/21